Apr 15, 2019 (updated Apr 16, 2019)
Edit: Okay, I want to start this off by saying that I really shouldn't have written a review for this last night. I was absolutely disgusted, appalled and really pissed off when I saw that there were well over 1000 reviews, and it didn't help that so many of the stans were insulting members of this community and accusing them of racism. And although I stand by my opinion of not listening to anything that bots have invaded, I decided that considering that this was the one thing that actually got me to break, I may as well actually listen to it and give it a proper review. And I gotta say, this is god-awful. This has very little that I actually enjoyed. It may be that I'm extremely uneducated in K-Pop and haven't listen to much of it; it could be that I've never really liked BTS; but in all honesty, I think it's closer to all of these stans coming over here and ruining this website.
It's clear that the stans aren't passionate about music the same way most of the members of this website are. Hell, it's clear that they aren't even passionate about their favourite band, otherwise they would be able to admit that not everything they've released is flawless. I'll use myself as an example, because (in case it wasn't obvious by my extremely uncreative profile pic) I stan MCR and absolutely adore most of their work, but even I have to admit that they have a couple of albums that aren't all too good. My point is that the stans here really aren't helping anyone in this situation: no one is wanting to listen to this EP because you are bombarding it with nothing but 100s, thus making your favourite band lose money and potential fans. At the same time, you're not being critical of their work - how can they improve if you say nothing but that their work is perfect, always will be perfect and that they can do no bad?
The real reason why I actually decided to listen and change my score is because I realized how childish it is to fight the bots. At this point, it's clear that they've won, and giving 0s is just making them attack more. Apparently, something is going to be done about them soon, but at the moment they're still here. There's nothing we can do until they are removed. In my opinion, bombarding it with as many 0s as possible is just as bad as bombarding it with as many 100s as possible, which is part of the reason I changed my score.
At this point, I realize that pretty much no one is going to even read this far, so I'm just going to end this here. This EP was terrible, and I think that part of my attitude is because of the bots. Again, because of the stans attacking the site, I will never listen to BTS (or any other artist being attacked by bots) again.

Favourite Track: Jamais Vu

Least Favourite Tracks: Boy With Luv; HOME

Original Score: 0
I was just trying to avoid the bots, but this is getting ridiculous. 1000+ ratings? Are you fucking serious? As I'm typing this, 996 ratings are 90-100, and I'm willing to bet that absolutely all of them are 100s. This shit needs to be fixed. I refuse to listen to anything from BTS, MARINA, Anitta, or any other artists who have bots spamming them. It sucks that I will never even consider them, but the toxicity from their fan bases have gotten to the point where I don't even want to see if their work is worth the time. I'll remove the rating when and if all these bots are removed, but for right now it's staying at 0.
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Apr 15, 2019
No one is forcing you to listen to them. BTS fans just to express how they fell about the music they love. I am not just a BTS fan I listen to music that resonates with me. If you don’t want to rate it, then don’t. But doesn’t give anyone the right to disqualify someone’s opinion. Music is subjective after all.
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