Baroness - Gold & Grey
Jun 14, 2019
Biggest disappointment of the year. How did Baroness fuck up so badly?

I tried listening to the NPR version yesterday. I got five songs in before thinking to myself that it was probably the wrong version, there's no way that this was the version Baroness put out, right? I then waited until last night until it released on Spotify. Again, I got five tracks in before excusing myself from it. 'Maybe I am just tired', I thought to myself, 'there is no way it is this bad.' And here I am now.

There is absolutely no way this is the version Baroness wanted to release. There is no way that this is the version the critics got. This is currently the highest rated by critics this year. They definitely got the correct version. There must have been a mess up with releasing it to the public. Baroness are far too intricate and immaculate of a band to purposely release something this poorly mixed. I can't believe that they would do something like that.

This honestly hurt to listen to. I couldn't even take my notes properly because I was just so damn baffled by how piss-poor this mixing is. It actually gave me a headache. I mean, for the first time ever I actually preferred the interludes to most of the other tracks on the album.

It hurts because a lot of these songs have so much potential. You can definitely hear that if they were done correctly they would have been amazing. Songs like Borderlines really could have been some of the best in these guys' discography, but this horrible mixing just kills any enjoyment I could have gotten out of any of these songs.

Favourite Tracks: Throw Me An Anchor; Seasons; I'd Do Anything; Cold-Blooded Angels; Pale Sun

Least Favourite Tracks: Blankets Of Ash; Can Oscura; Sevens; I'm Already Gone; Broken Halo
Jun 14, 2019
@injuryreservesu You have 0 rating and reviews. Fuck off with judging people until you put out your own opinions.
Jun 14, 2019
I bet the person that left the comment is createaccount lol
Jun 14, 2019
Also, I'm trying to listen to this album again and I think the mixing has improved, but it's still really rough on some areas, like Seasons
Jun 14, 2019
@thomasny18 Nice. I might relisten to it later today if that's the case.
Also, it wouldn't surprise me if it was createaccount tbh.
Jun 14, 2019
It's difficult to describe because it's not as consistently terrible, but I just listened to the end of Throw Me An Anchor and that still sounds horrific.
Jun 14, 2019
@injuryreservesu hello createaccount good to see you
Jun 14, 2019
@thomasny18 shit you are just on it lmao
Jun 15, 2019
I disagree but thats okay!
Jun 19, 2019
Unfortunately I agree. I was super excited for this one cause I loved Purple but this album's pretty rough
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