Green Day - Father of All...
Feb 7, 2020
After my first listen of this thing, my first instinct was to re-listen to Nimrod and Dookie to remind myself that these guys once made good music.

C'mon guys, this album isn't THAT bad! You're really going to sit there and tell me that THIS is a fucking 0? Really? That this is the WORST album Green Day has ever pumped out? Including all twelve of their previous albums where they just recreated the same two albums over and over again, this album where they actually try something new for the first time since the mid 2000s is their worst ever release? Really?

Sure, this album is bad. This is REALLY bad. This album is just 26 minutes of car commercial music, and they somehow managed to make 26 minutes feel longer than it actually is. Some of the songs on here are easily the worst Green Day have ever come out with, with easily the worst singles in their entire career, but even saying that, after listening to this album a few times, I found that some of these songs actually started to grow. Sure, the likes of Fire Ready Aim and Sugar Youth are depressingly bad and annoyingly generic, and they're both songs that I'd put on the already long list of Green Day songs I would prefer never to hear again, but there are enough "highlights" here to make it at least a somewhat tolerable listen. Then again, even at its best I'd say it's only 'tolerable', because even the best tracks here aren't good at all. But I did honestly find a few songs in the latter half - namely Stab You In The Heart, Junkies On A High, and Take The Money And Crawl - to be actually kinda enjoyable, and even a bit catchy. And I also found two of the singles, the title track and Oh Yeah, had actually grown on me slightly. I still think they're some of the worst singles in Green Day's career, which is a shame because Green Day are a band who could make a bad album but really excel at making memorable and fun singles that I'd have no problem returning to over and over again, but at the same time, both of these tracks I found ended up at least keeping me somewhat entertained after multiple listens.

I just think that this isn't an album to take seriously. This is just an album made by a bunch of out-of-touch, old punks trying to be hip and down with the kids for the modern generation. Green Day in general, I feel, are a band who should have stayed in the '90s. Hell, they should have just called it quits after American Idiot, and that's not because I personally don't care for the album anymore, but rather because that album genuinely feels like a good ending to this iconic punk band. At this point they're just ruining their own legacy. They're becoming one of the many bands who continued well after their prime and ended up becoming near-unlistenable towards the end. And even still, when it comes to this album, I find it difficult to act like I truly hate it. It's clear that the members themselves had fun making it. It's clear that they didn't take the project too seriously themselves and just enjoyed making something with a different sound for the first time since 2004. I don't even think Green Day themselves see this as the next big groundbreaking album that will completely change their career. This is just an album that is nothing more than dumb fun. Like, if you're going to act like you love music that everyone can see is dumb and generic but is at least fun, why are you going to act like this is the worst thing to ever come out? The way I see it, this is a bad album the same way an album made by any number of mumble rappers is bad, but people have more sense than to give a stupid mumble rap album a 0 and call it the worst thing to ever hit their ears, so why this dumb pop rock album? Granted, mumble rap and pop rock are totally different genres, but my point still stands. Both this album and a ton of other albums were made not to be taken seriously and rather just to enjoy them for what they are, and so I'm just going to say it: I enjoy Green Day's Father Of All Motherfuckers. Is it a bad album? Hell Yes. Is it one of the worst albums that Green Day has ever made? Totally. Is it anywhere near as bad as the redundant, boring and dragged-out trilogy that has no reason to exist? Hell fucking no. Is it as bad as the boring as fuck rock opera they came out with to cash-in on the success of their other majorly popular rock opera? Debatable. But in the end, I do enjoy this album. I wouldn't say I *like* this album, but I don't hate it. I enjoy it for what it is. I enjoy this the same way someone would enjoy Kanye's Jesus Is King or Lil Pump's self-titled. I don't take it seriously and I end up having fun with it.

Favourite Tracks: Junkies On A High; Father Of All...; Take The Money And Crawl; Stab You In The Heart

Least Favourite Tracks: Sugar Youth; Fire, Ready, Aim
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