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平沢進 [Susumu Hirasawa] - Paprika
Oct 3, 2022
Parade, Mediational Field, A Drop Filled With Memories, The Girl in Bykkoya - some of the greatest songs I've ever heard on a soundtrack. They've all become JSGcore classics, in constant rotation. This goes waaaaay too hard for a goddamn movie soundtrack, and has easily become one of the greatest soundtrack albums I've ever heard. I don't usually rate soundtracks, because, well, how would you go about that? Basing it off of how it fits in the movie, or the predictable emptiness that comes with listening to it on its own? Thankfully Paprika doesn't have that issue. It's an album of bangers and incredible compositions. Easily up there with Twin Peaks, Tetsuo, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, The Godfather, Eraserhead, and Blade Runner as amongst the best film soundtracks ever made.
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That's some high praise, perhaps rightfully deserved. It is an eccentric and rather contemporary piece of work that reaches a bit outside the conventional boundaries for soundtracks (which is one of the things I do admire about Japanese pop culture). I do like the passion you have for this soundtrack, it is definitely good yes.
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