Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the Human Race
Dec 1, 2019
On a site where most of the users only focus on hip-hop and pop, it's really cool to see a death metal album being one of the most popular of the month and even make it into the best albums of the year tab. Too bad the love for this record seems to be completely overblown.

So, this new Blood Incantation album is great. It's freakin' amazing at times! This is a definite contender for death metal album of the year for me, really only being beaten out by that Fuming Mouth record that came out many months ago. I can definitely see why some would argue this is one of the best albums of the whole year, and why others would also call this the best metal album to come out this year. Blood Incantation really created a unique experience with this one. Despite this being very unoriginal in its overall sound, it somehow genuinely feels like the cover. It feels like you're going on one brutal fucking journey through space only to come across alien life. The likes of Inner Paths and the eighteen minute Mirror Of The Soul build up such a great atmosphere that it actually succeeds in the concept that it was likely going for. But even saying that, it does get a bit on-the-nose with its concept in Inner Paths, where it begins to get a bit weird with a somewhat out-of-place space-like sound which definitely shouldn't fit in well with the album considering every other moment of the album is a brutal as fuck death metal album, yet it does somehow fit.

Furthermore, this album as a whole rarely ever stutters in its quality. When it comes to death metal, once you've heard a few albums you've pretty much heard them all. It's a genre that, while I do like, it just doesn't really change its sound too much, and this album is mostly the same way. With the likes of Slave Species Of The Gods and some parts on Mirror Of The Soul sounding very generic albeit pretty good, it does at times seem to be your by-the-books death metal album with some really cool and really well-executed ideas mixed in. Although I do keep saying it is, at times, very unoriginal, this is a record that rarely ever feels like it's dragging or that a certain segment is out of place. Even when you're talking about an eighteen minute track, this album mostly stays engaging for its entire duration, which isn't really something that I find happens all too often with modern extreme metal. While I personally feel that Mirror Of The Soul did go on a bit longer than necessary, it is undeniable that the rest of the tracks just feel so short despite them all being upwards of five minutes. Hell, even the eighteen minute Mirror Of The Soul is a track that feels shorter than it actually is. I do feel like it could (and probably should) have about two minutes trimmed off, but even as it is, it's surprisingly very intriguing.

As someone who hadn't heard anything from this band before, Blood Incantation definitely provided a really cool, energetic, and brutal experience, just as I was expecting and hoping. This record is honestly a really unique experience and one that you wouldn't expect to hear from a genre like death metal. It really sets you out on a short journey that will make you want to return many, many times in the future, and I can definitely say that I most likely will. However, to call this the metal album of the year just feels wrong. It's a cool album, and definitely a great one with a unique concept, but as a whole it's pretty unoriginal. Fantastic instrumentation, good vocals, interesting concept, great execution, but nothing too mind-blowingly amazing unfortunately. If you're into death metal, or just looking for a good place to start, this is definitely an album you don't want to miss out on, and I can definitely understand why most people love this to the extent that they do, but to me, this is just a really good death metal album but nothing too insanely great.

Favourite Tracks: The Giza Power Plant; Inner Paths (To Outer Space); Slave Species Of The Gods; Awakening From The Dream Of Existence To The Multidimensional Nature Of Our Reality (Mirror Of The Souls)

Least Favourite Track: N/A (There's literally only four tracks and they're all good)
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