Tame Impala - The Slow Rush
I don't get it.

I've never been crazy about Tame Impala to begin with. I thought that they were a pretty consistent band up until now, with three perfectly good albums under their belt, but I was never as amazed by them as most people seem to be. I've always thought that Innerspeaker was a pretty boring and pointless albeit inoffensive album, but I can see the appeal of it, but up until now that was my hottest take when it came to Tame Impala's music. Both Lonerism and Currents are albums that I like a lot, but nowhere near to the extent that most people seem to. They're both good albums, and their highlight tracks are absolutely phenomenal, but neither are albums that I return to and fall head over heels for. Then we get to The Slow Rush, and I just don't get it. I don't understand what it is that makes this album so good in most people's eyes. This is easily the worst album in Tame Impala's discography, and shockingly bad when compared to everything else the band has released thus far.

The Slow Rush shows Tame Impala throwing away all creativity and releasing a dumbed-down, commercial, disco trash record with awful songwriting and a grating sound. It's bloated beyond belief and has so little of quality that it's shocking to think that this is coming from the same person who made an album like Currents only five years ago. There is close to nothing that I like in this album. I would probably say that there were a couple of "highlights" scattered throughout, but even they are nothing when compared to everything else that has been released under the Tame Impala name. As much as I think that Tomorrow's Dust is one of the only tolerable songs on here, you aren't going to see me ranking it high amongst my favourites from the band.

Meanwhile, when this album is at its worst... Jesus fuck. I don't think I've been as bored listening to a Tame Impala song as much as I have been with some of these tracks. I don't think there have been songs in the previous three records that have made me want to throw off my headphones as much as tracks like One More Year, Instant Destiny, and It Might Be Time have. And to top it off, you also have a good handful of filler sprinkled all throughout, with the likes of Borderline, On Track, and Glimmer feeling like nothing more than pointless throwaways that do nothing but contribute to this album being as bad as it is.

I'm done. I don't get this shit. I really wish I did, because I'm sure that if this clicked with me the same way it has everyone else then I would love it, but I seriously just don't get the appeal. This honestly strikes me as an album that is only getting so much praise because it is a Tame Impala album. If this came out from any other artist then everyone would be shitting on this. Hell, Green Day came out with the rock version of this just last week and everyone unanimously agreed that it would likely be one of the worst releases of the year, so why does Tame Impala get a pass with this shitty album that everyone will forget about by the end of the year? I dunno, I hope that this grows on me at some point, but I doubt I'll be returning to this much in the future.

Favourite Tracks: Tomorrow's Dust; Is It True; Lost In Yesterday

Least Favourite Tracks: One More Year; Glimmer; On Track; It Might Be Time; Instant Destiny
6d ago
interesting perspective and great review!
4d ago
Yeah same. I'm happy that a majority seems to love this one, but I don't get it either.
3d ago
Now I HAVE to listen to this album
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