Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By
Jan 18, 2020
I feel sorry for those that genuinely think this is a good album. You must have a very limited knowledge of music to think that this is the standard of music someone as talented as Eminem should aim for.

This album is yet another example of how far Eminem has fallen. The guy used to be such an entertaining rapper who was always amazing in his abilities but for the most part lacked any compelling lyrics. But in the past the cringeworthy lyrics were forgivable due to the humour that Em was always able to provide in his performance and the unignorable talent he has. The thing is, I don't think Em ever became a bad rapper. Even at his lowest points, he has always been an exceptional rapper. But the thing that separates The Marshall Mathers LP from Music To Be Murdered By is that one has horrendous lyrics for no good reason. Sure, Marshall Mathers LP isn't exactly the most consistently well-written album you would want to hear, but at least it has a good amount of songs that are genuinely well-written. And then there's the fact that a lot of the most awful and cringeworthy lyrics in Music To Be Murdered By are offensive for the sake of causing some sort of controversy, clearly just trying to show everyone that this Eminem is still just as dark and uncaring as he used to be in his prime. But the problem is that in the past when he caused controversy with his lyrics he usually had a point, or it was just something as simple as the song itself was good enough to forgive the stupidly offensive lyrics, but here you have the problem of pretty much none of the tracks being good and that he isn't bringing up any reason at all as to why he feels the need to joke about terrorist attacks. I mean, I'm someone who doesn't mind a good dark joke every now and then, even if it is about a tragic event, but some of the 'jokes' on this album are in such bad taste that it can't even be forgiven.

Honestly, I don't see this album as being as bad as a lot of people are making it out to be. The lyrics are absolutely horrendous all throughout, and most of the songs on here are some of the worst in Em's discography (yes, even worse than some that appeared on Revival), with Marsh genuinely being the worst song I have ever heard from Eminem, but the performances from everyone involved are actually good. Sure, the writing sucks and the beats are so simple that you would think this came out at the same time as his Infinite debut, but the production is good, the features all give us a performance that is good enough to justify them being there, and Eminem shows off his excellent rapping abilities once again, possibly giving us some of his best performances since Marshall Mathers LP 2 in the likes of Unaccommodating and Godzilla. As a whole, this album is clearly very bad, but I can admit that it wasn't a complete waste of time like Revival was. I do see this as a huge step back from Kamikaze, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that there are enough entertaining songs and good performances to make up for the otherwise awful music presented here.

Favourite Tracks: Darkness; Unaccommodating; Godzilla; I Will

Least Favourite Tracks: Marsh; Those Kinda Nights; In Too Deep; Stepdad; No Regrets
4d ago
imagine feeling sorry for me
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Thanks for reminding me to score this higher :)
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