The Araby Bazaar - Steven vs. Legacy: Fascistic Boogaloo
Nov 22, 2020
The Araby Bazaar's second album doesn't disappoint at all. Just like their first album, it ends up being a really pleasant indie rock record, albeit with a track listing that is a lot more consistent, though admittedly with a couple of forgettable cuts.

The highs on this record certainly sets the bar high for any future releases, with quite a few of the tracks on here being some of the best they've done yet. The opening track, Maida Vale, may just be their best song yet, with it being a really beautiful track with outstanding production, some fantastic instrumentation and, as I've come to expect from them, great lyrics and a catchy hook. This song in particular really is the kind that I've found myself wanting to hear more of from this artist, as these kinds of longer songs with heavy focus on the lyrics really is their strong suit.

But that certainly isn't the only noteworthy cut, as quite a few other tracks here really do end up being on an equal level. Hell, the entire first run of three tracks definitely ended up being some of my favourites from them so far, and the closing track is also one that I feel tops everything that was on their debut. The other tracks here as well each have their own merits, with the likes of Sombrero Fallout and When I Grow Up in particular sticking out as not necessarily my favourites but definitely notable songs. Though I do have to admit, when it comes to a couple of these tracks, I don't really look at them in the same light as these other ones that I love so much. Honestly, they are a little forgettable in my eyes, with Milquetoast Band probably being the only song I've heard from them yet that I really am not a fan of, though it certainly isn't a bad track at all. The other two songs are also good, but definitely the two most forgettable on the record.

So far, The Araby Bazaar is two for two, with their second album being just as good as the first, with even higher highs but with a couple of lesser moments. Regardless, it's still a really good record, and one that definitely leaves me excited for their future endeavors.

Favourite Tracks: Maida Vale; Pale Effeminate Boys; The Optimistic Troubadour; Keith Haring T-Shirt; Sombrero Fallout (Glory Glory Norman Mailer!)

Least Favourite Track: Milquetoast Band
Nov 23, 2020
Genuinely amazed to have gotten two records into the upper quartile of your ratings for the year! Thanks for the kind words and the keen ear 🎸 more to follow, and hopefully soon!
Jan 22, 2021
How can music like that be so totally overlooked? 28 monthly listenings on spotify, bizzare
Jan 22, 2021
@ocrakraut Yeah, it's a shame because it is some damn great music. I'd say it's hopefully only a matter of time before it starts to get more attention.
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