AC/DC - Power Up
Nov 13, 2020
Yes, I like AC/DC, and I'm tired of pretending I don't.

Okay, I get it. They're formulaic as shit. They've just played the same song a hundred times for close to fifty years now. In terms of classic rock, they are perhaps one of the weakest bands to make it to the mainstream and somehow have multiple classics under their belt. But having grown up with Highway To Hell and Back In Black, I just can't find it in myself to say that I dislike them at all. And even this album which definitely isn't that good in the grand scheme of things and is unlikely going to be enjoyed by anyone who hasn't listened to the classics is still a pretty fun time.

At this point, it's just a popular unpopular opinion to hate on AC/DC. You want a quick pretentious "unpopular" opinion? Just give a famous AC/DC album anywhere from 30-50 and echo what literally everyone has said for fifty years. It isn't anything new that these guys are uncreative, safe and samey. I'm sure even their hardcore fans are aware that they haven't really done anything all that special and that even their classic records are pretty shrug-worthy when compared with everything else released both at the time and since then. But they're fun. I don't care if, objectively speaking, this album is mid as fuck, that it's just whatever they did in the '70s but with more aged vocals and outdated instrumentals. I don't care. Brian Johnson is still a powerful vocalist even today, and Angus Young, even though he's just playing the same riffs over and over again, still gives us an entertaining guitar performance that more than makes up for the fact that we've heard these twelve songs being done by them before and much better.

Honestly, if you're listening to a new AC/DC album in 2020, you just have to know what you're going to get already. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. If you're listening to a new AC/DC album, then really you shouldn't even be bothering with giving it a low score. We know already. We know that this is the same mid-tier album for the fiftieth time in a row now. That doesn't mean that it isn't fun. This is just a fun record. It's a fun dumb record. If you're bothering with this record at all, don't take it seriously. Don't look at it as if it's supposed to be something more than it actually is. Actually try and enjoy it for what it is, and maybe then you'll actually have a good time with it.

(But then again, I haven't gone through their entire discography yet, so maybe I'll be a bit more strict and tired of their shit after I go through all that BS)
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