The Beach Boys - Love You
Jan 9, 2020
Brian Wilson decides that the album that he initially wrote with the intent of it being his debut solo record was good enough to be a Beach Boys release, and takes up the producer credit once more and makes what is widely known as the final good album under The Beach Boys' name.

Love You is certainly a well made album, and far above some of the worst shit to come out of this band. This may very well be the final Beach Boys record that actually had a chance at being near the top with their other classics, but let's be honest here, this is just boring. This is just standard Brian Wilson era Beach Boys. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, considering he really was the sole cause for this group's success, and all of their best albums wouldn't have been nearly as good as they were without him, but come on. This album is filled with so much rehashed sounding songs that it comes as no surprise to anybody that everything on here was originally intended to be a solo album.

While there are a decent handful of tracks that are actually stupidly fun, such as Roller Skating Child and Good Time, this album ends up being packed with songs that maybe could have been forgiven being the debut solo album of a guy who was much better known for working in a group but just end up being so redundant and boring when compared to everything else that The Beach Boys have done. You have tracks like Mona and Airplane that sound so generically Beach Boys that it's painful to listen to, and then you have fucking Ding Dang which I don't think anyone has a reasonable conclusion as to why it exists, whether you're a fan of this album or not.

This album certainly isn't bad. Actually, it's quite a good album. It shows that even after such an odd release as 15 Shit Ones that The Beach Boys were still a very capable group, even if most of that is down to Brian Wilson's writing and producing. As mentioned before, there is a good handful of tracks that are genuinely fun, and on their own would make for a solid album. But with everything else included, there is an overwhelming amount of filler tracks that sound like The Beach Boys took about ten steps backwards and forgot to write original material. Again, this would have been mostly forgivable as a debut solo album, but for the 21st album in a classic band's discography? It's boring. Maybe when I actually finish their discography and power through their later disasters I'll appreciate this album more and have a better taste for it, but at the moment this just doesn't impress me much. Some good moments, but a whole lotta unnecessary tracks that do nothing but push this album past the thirty minute mark.

Favourite Tracks: Good Time; Roller Skating Child; I'll Bet He's Nice; Honkin' Down The Highway; The Night Was So Young

Least Favourite Tracks: Ding Dang; Solar System; Let Us Go On This Way
Jan 28, 2020
Hey dude, considering this has become one of most replayed albums of all time and I also initially wasn’t too amazed by it, I hope it grows on you too. You may want to check it out after some time to see if you’re still meh on it
Jan 28, 2020
@Notorious_Man Maybe I will check it out again soon. I have been returning to a few of their other classics recently so maybe listening to this a few more times will be fun, and hopefully it'll grow on me.
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