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Korn - Requiem
Feb 6, 2022
Aw yeah, that's some Korn right there.

Maybe I'm just biased since Korn were one of my first metal bands, but whenever release season comes along for them, regardless of how predictable the music is, I still make the most of it an enjoy it as much as I can. Even The Nothing, which I was very openly not a fan of at all, ended up sticking with me for longer than I'd like to admit. There's something about listening to these rehashed, simple down-tuned power chord riffs that you've heard in every other Korn album before, the melodramatic lyrics and vocals that 14 year-old me would have sucked up, and that classic Korn nu-metal sound that pumps me with so much youthful adrenaline. Shit's just fun.

Now, how does Requiem hold up? Well, it's a Korn album, and as such, it's as good as you'd expect from Korn. If you gave up on them when they ran out of ideas, started rehashing riffs and lyrical themes, and went full mainstream alt-metal, then chances are you're going to dislike or even hate this. If you were like me and sat through their whole discography and had moments stick with you throughout the years from each of their albums, then you will likely - like me - find something to appreciate here. It's not particularly exciting, innovative, or anything original from Korn. But it's fun. Sure, it isn't as good or interesting as self-titled or Issues or the singles from the two albums in-between and some of the albums since, but shit, I'm enjoying it.

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