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Texas // Top 200 Albums of the 2010s out
poptimist loser but at least i'm honest about it still in the process of changing old ratings to fit changed opinions. probably will be revising my '90s, '80s and '70s lists soon she/her/hers 🌹🌹🌹
there are too many people
porto, portugal

n o s t a l g i a
Alone in my room dancing to Aphex Twin
19 year old Polish music nerd living in Ireland. I listen to as many new albums that come out and do Top 50 lists at the end of every year. If you have any album you want me to check out I'll 100% listen to anything ya want and review it on my page! Follow the homie: @mickyt And follow my YouTube group account: @TheCassetteTape And if anyone wants to check out my YouTube account where me and my friend do a weekly podcast about all things music, here is the pilot episode:
la reina de la favela - Sufjan Stevens, 2019
yeety yeety lemme lick yo feety
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please recommend me any albums with cat photos on the cover library has stuff i want to listen to but have not got around to yet
Ratings: 0-20 = Horrible 20-50 = Bad 50-70 = Decent 70-90 = Good 90-100 = Excellent
Rzeszów, Poland

Hi, I'm the most biased reviewer on this website Rating System: 100 - Perfect 90-99 - Incredible 80-89 - Amazing 70-79 - Very Good 60-69 - Good 50-59 - Decent 40-49 - Eh 30-39 - Not Good 20-29 - Bad 10-19 - Awful 1-9 - Why 0 - Literally harmful to society
Pollo Da Stiro
Bad english I speak.
100: Essential 95+90: Outstanding 85+80: Great 75+70: Good 65-55: Decent 45-20: Bad 15: No Quality 10-0: Unlistenable
New Jersey
Spider-Man/Venom stan|90: Amazing 80: Great 70: Good 60: Decent 50: Mediocre 40: Not Good 30: Bad 20: Awful 10: Terrible 9 and below: Garbage
canada 🅴🅷(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 🍁 ♥
Singles account: i spend most of my time listening to florence + the machine my library is stuff i need to listen to rym:
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Thank you for 500!!! 🎉
There is nothing interesting about me. Please use @thomasny18 if you want to respond to me. Using my display name will only give whoever I'm shouting out the notification. Reviews that need more attention:
I pretty much only rate albums that I like.
🧡issa radiohead kinda day🧡
I do YouTube, the vids are alright; maybe check it out. I have chromesthesia (music involuntarily evokes an experience of color through pitch, tone, and volume. check my lists) and I play piano and tenor saxophone. I use an equation to get my scores so you know they’re accurate. Insta: trey.cardi 100: Flawless 99: perfect singles 99-90: Amazing 89-80: Great 79-70: Good 69-60: Decent 59-50: Okay 49-40: Mediocre 39-30: Bad 29-20: Horrendous 19-10: Cursed 9-0: Hot Garbage
Hi guys :) My name is Ryan and I'm a college student with a massive love for music and love writing about it. I try to avoid music I hate so most of my scores are positive. Slowly working in reviews of older albums.
Perth, Australia
I like music.
I disagree with my ratings, they’re perfect.
New Orleans
100 = perfect 91-99 = levels of greatness 90 = good stuff 80-89 = worthy of an extended listen 70-79 = good song or two 50-69 = thanks but ... under 50 = no thanks I rate high most of the time. Strong preference for small labels and indies, tend not to rate major label and mainstream stuff unless forced upon me, then look out. Top 100+ Songs of 2020 (in progress):
19, male

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