Arca - KicK iii
Nov 30, 2021
day 2 of arca week.

way to blow my mind alejandra. i knew from the singles alone that this would be my favorite kick by far. and i was definitely correct in thinking that.

my favorite arca songs usually consist of a very abrasive sound design with her literally screaming and shouting absolute nonsense. and that’s what kick iii literally is.

lyrics like “ hissy fit throw it up bitch bounce back get it wet hit it rip it stroke t****y get me hard” & "hear me raw while im shitting on the pavement" to just name two instances.

this third installment and second album she is releasing this week is just pure insanity. electra rex and incendio look tame compared to the rest of this album. some of her best work since s/t and xen days.

so proud of her and can’t wait for iiii tommorow!

Track Ratings
1Bruja / 98
2Incendio / 95
3Morbo / 93
4Fiera / 86
5Skullqueen / 89
6Electra Rex / 100
7Ripples / 97
8Rubberneck / 97
9Señorita / 94
10My 2 / 92
11Intimate Flesh / 90
12Joya / 96
Dec 1, 2021
Great review.
I like to see what I don't enjoy, anyone can enjoy it.
I'm talking about the ''screaming and shouting absolute nonsense''.
Dec 1, 2021
thank you!
i mean she is “screaming and shouting absolute nonsense” but there is meaning behind everything she does.
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