Logic - Highlife
It’s similar to his garbage song that was My Way yet why do I love this and not that song? Well I can clearly see he’s not trying to live up to any sort of standard with this song/album. The beat is SO fucking good and surprisingly, Logic’s auto tuned vocals sound great with it (prolly the first and ONLY time he’s sounded good with it)
Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
I respect the style switch up from Yachty because it's not easy to completely get out of your comfort zone and I hope he continues to develop the sound that he has provided with this album. Also the last 3 tracks, Black Seminole, and drive me crazy are great songs. Other than that, this is some pretty midbrow psych rock. It sounds a little too much like Tame Impala, King Gizzard, or even Pink Floyd at a lot of points on this album. It's a start, but it's nothing that amazes me

Best Tracks: The ... read more

Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK
Alright I'm done with trippie. I really am. I was garnering more hope that this man would turn his career with his last album 'Trip at Knight' but he manages to find ANOTHER low with this new dumpster heap. Sad that the hip hop scene is off to a shitty start with the Ice Spice release and this shit. Carti and JELEEL are the only ones who have managed to put out Rage music that i somewhat enjoy. Other than that, I don't see the genre evolving into anything outside of meme material
Tom MacDonald - Ghost
Nigga u can’t sing
The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia
I just get such a warm fuzzy feeling every time I listen to this. Before Pac and the west coast gangsta rap scene became prominent, the west coast had The Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief to represent them. It’s honestly a hard thing to top a debut like Bizarre Ride, but luckily The Pharcyde managed to find the perfect solution to that: J Dilla. The beats on this thing are some of the best you’re ever going to hear in hip hop with beautiful chopped up jazz and Neo soul samples. The ... read more
billy woods - Church
Aoty list for 2022 coming out soon.

Man Billy Woods has not disappointed since 2019 with Hiding Places. Bro comes out with a follow up release to Aethiopes and while it’s nowhere near as good as it (let’s be honest, there aren’t many albums on its caliber), this is still a great effort by itself.

Loyle Carner - hugo
This is the best UK Hip Hop release of this year. Omg, due to his usual mellow approach in hip hop, I never would've expected for LC to be THIS expressive in his delivery. The production on here is much louder and grimy than his mellow, lo-fi production on his previous album and it helps so much with the topics that LC goes over such as the absence of his real father, his identity as a biracial man in the UK, and the wrongdoings of the police. 10 tracks of pure magic

Also when the weakest ... read more

Roddy Ricch - Feed Tha Streets III
Yeah tha streets are in a famine now.
Noveliss - Vagabond
This is by far his best work to date. He sounds a lot more mature in his pen game and the beat selection is heavily reminiscent of some Samurai Champloo shit. Such an underrated gem that I am glad that I have stumbled upon.
Little Simz - NO THANK YOU
This album honestly feels like Little Simz’s “untitled unmastered” moment: like a bunch of b-sides from a previous critically acclaimed album compiled together to make a cohesive and quality body of work. Simz does it once again by solidifying herself even more as a force to be reckon with in the modern hip hop scene. Hard hitting lyrics over silky production reminiscent of the orchestral sound of SIMBI and laid back neo soul production on GREY Area
Jonghyun - 이야기 Op. 2
It's soothing and heartbreaking at the same time. This guy was the heart and soul of SHINee and so much emotion was poured into this EP. RIP to such a talented musician.

Also I'm blasting Blinking Game throughout the Holidays

So based off the first listen, she pretty much sticks to the same toxic romantic themes that were on CTRL. The main difference between that one and this is that this one does a helluva lot more experimentation compared to the strictly alt rnb sounds of CTRL. The experimentation on here works as a double edge sword though because while it sometimes sounds absolutely stunning (Good Days, Ghost In The Machine, Smoking on my Ex Pack), sometimes it just sounds hella awkward to straight up bad (F2F ... read more
RM - Indigo
This is the best thing that has been released by BTS in years
Metro Boomin - HEROES & VILLAINS

Metro Boomin on some real nigga shit by releasing some of the best trap beats of this year so far. Bro must’ve did something to the features in the studio sessions because he released the absolute beast out of each one of them (I even liked the Chris Brown feature). The transitions are absolutely immaculate and it’s just banger after banger. Sure, it’s a bit disjointed, but it makes up for it heavily with the sheer quality of this thing. Fuck Her Loss, this blows ... read more

Casiopea - Casiopea
This joint (along with Roy Fukui’s ‘Scenery’) laid out the map for Japan’s contemporary jazz scene with groovy toons that remind people of the late night drives across Tokyo and quick paced songs that feel like witnessing an f1 race.
Logic - Loopin The 1st
This is by far the best set of beats that Logic has produced. What I like about this over the previous Peanuts beat tape is that it actually sounds unique to Logic, not just a bunch of Dilla horns and adlibs. If y'all liked Kenny Beats's LOUIE album, chances are that u will like this as well.
I mean, can you even call this a BROCKHAMPTON release considering that it’s literally just Kevin throughout the entire album. I’m not complaining though. I like how he implements some chipmunk soul into this album as a throwback to the early 2000’s hip hop scene. It’s grandiose and bouncy in its approach. I love hearing Kevin’s lyrics touching over his struggle as a project baby and gay man in America as well as the ending of BROCKHAMPTON’s reign. It’s ... read more
Weyes Blood - And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow
And she takes the number 1 spot for my favorite pop album of the year…AGAIN!

This is beautiful. I can’t even put into a full review of how amazing this album is. It’s on par with Titanic Rising (which is saying a lot because it is the best thing the baroque pop genre has ever had). Get yo friends, mamas, dads, and cousins to listen to this.

Favorite tracks: everything except for the interlude lmao

Love u so much Kevin, but where the other members :(

Also, y’all niggas ain’t slick, I heard that Dilla horn

Nas - King's Disease III
This is the 4th W with this Nas and Hit Boy era we’re in and this is probably the best entry in it as well.

Nas really needs no introduction. He has always been one of the godfathers of the east coast hip hop scene since day 1, delivering street tales in the forms of heavy hitting bars and skillful rhyming. Despite the amount of years he’s been in the game, the king still doesn’t seem to falter one bit in his rapping and to top it off, he has Hit Boy accompanying him with ... read more

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