R.E.M. - Murmur
Mar 19

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Mar 30, 2020
Like Radiohead's OK Computer a year before and Blur's 13 a year after (and even Suede's Dog Man Star in 1994), Pulp also abandons the Britpop ship and makes a record that, from a lyrical point of view, is very self-reflective and depressed and, in aesthetics, is based on the tradition of art rock, with luxurious arrangements (in another great work by producer Chris Thomas, who produced some of the best Roxy Music records) and longer and more ambitious songs (although one of them - ... read more
Mar 30, 2020
The Smiths have a lot of compilations (some great, some unnecessary), but my preferred one is Louder Than Bombs. It has 24 songs (a double LP or a very long CD), great sequencing*, comprehensive (from their first single - "Hand in Glove" - to their latest one - "Sheila Take a Bow" -, which was officially released 2 weeks after this anthology), lots of vital non-album singles ("Panic", "Ask", "Shoplifters of the World Unite", "Sheila Take a ... read more
Mar 28, 2020*
March 28, 1973: the most popular rock band in the world released an album in which only half of the 8 tracks can be strictly classified as "rock" - and yet only two of them are hard rock in the line of their four previous albums. All other songs experiment, whether with reggae, funk, psychedelia, progressive or folk.
Led Zeppelin's risky gesture in Houses of the Holy proved to be right and fruitful; but, it is possible to imagine the shock of fans and critics at the time. If Led ... read more
Mar 27, 2020
O álbum de estréia da Legião Urbana é, ao lado de Dois, o mais post-punk da banda. As influências de conjuntos britânicos como Joy Division ("Ainda é Cedo"), U2 ("Soldados"), The Cure (a abertura de "Será" lembra "Jumping Someone Else's Train") são notáveis - e realçadas pela produção de José Emílio Rondeau (responsável, p.ex., pela sonoridade ... read more
Mar 23, 2020
For Your Pleasure is Roxy Music's most avant-garde record. The experimental impulse is largely due to the creative use of synthesizers by Brian Eno (in his last album as a member of the band), but also to Bryan Ferry's stylized vocals and unusual lyrics.
 The album opens with the frantic "Do The Strand", which sounds like an aesthetic manifesto in its lyrics: "There's a new sensation / A fabulous creation / A danceable solution / To teenage revolution". Together with ... read more
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