Fuck it, album of the year in January.

Picture yourself at the edge of a realm where the sounds of instruments flow cosmically, time dances slowly, and where the ethereal meets the tangible. In this transcendent space, music becomes a metaphysical journey, with the ethereal hum of strings, distant echo of Thom Yorke himself, and the plaintive cry of guitars vastly enveloping the constraints of the mundane.

This is Wall of Eyes.

To say that The Smile is a discount version of Radiohead or a Radiohead side project is a deep understatement in my opinion. I haven’t listened to this band’s 2022 project, but if that didn’t already solidify themselves as a worthy enough standalone enterprise, then Wall of Eyes certainly has.

That being said if there’s anything I could reference the sound of this album to, it’d have to be the Radiohead albums In Rainbow and A Moon Shaped Pool, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that either. Wall of Eyes feels like the perfect blend of both; the encapsulation of perfectly executed ambient art rock and emotional resonance, along with a darker, softer, and somber tone surrounding it all.

In terms of the music itself, I’d personally go as far to say that this album is one of the best sonic experiences to come out of this decade. Transcendent, so atmospheric, dark, haunting and mysterious, and thematically cohesive; it is fucking astounding. Words cannot describe how incredibly beautiful this whole thing sounds.

When the single came out for the title track I was a little skeptical of how slow and laid back it was, but it sets the scene for the rest of the album perfectly and makes total sense in context. It flows nicely into Teleharmonic, where the instrumentals and vocals are just otherworldly, but oh my god those harmonised guitars are absolutely delicious. Another highlight of course is Bending Hectic, which was my first exposure to this band. An epic eight minute eclectic sonic journey where I described in my review for it sounded like a combination of the bands Radiohead, BCNR, and Pink Floyd. And lastly, You Know Me! is an amazing way to finish the album, where the pianos, strings, and vocals guides the listener to a peaceful conclusion.

Overall, what an album and what an experience. I had high expectations for this one and all of them were met, and I could not be happier with how this turned out.

(P.s. I really need to review A Moon Shaped Pool)

Highest rated: Teleharmonic, Bending Hectic, You Know Me!
Lowest rated: I Quit

Yeah exactly, you really need to review A Moon Shaped Pool.
I am willing to bet so much money that you would give Identikit (from A Moon Shaped Pool) a 100.
@lapuissance yeah I first listened to it a while ago and it's been in my rotation ever since, review next week maybe?

@jonahworkman ๐Ÿ‘€
why do you have the same name as me jap
The Smile is a discount version of Radiohead or a Radiohead side project
Great job on the review
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