Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated
May 16, 2019 (updated May 17, 2019)
Before Release: DO NOT LISTEN TO THE LEAK CARLY NEEDS THE STREAMS im so sorry im like this ill try to be as objective as possible when i review this MASTERPIECE (srry)

Full Disclosure: I am completely obsessed with her like... it's kinda unhealthy. I just luv her so much, emotion is one of my favorite albums ever. It is so innocent, cute, retro and relatable, her voice is so sweet and hearing her sing makes me so happy !! The 80s synthpop direction is genius and just her mind is so powerful! SIDE B WAS SOMEHOW EVEN BETTER I JUST LOVE HER AND SHE IS THE QUEEN OF POP. HER WRITING IS SO CREATIVE AND HER CHORUSES ARE EXPLOSIVE AND IMPOSSIBLY CATCHY. i also luv her as a person, she is so sweet and she deserves so much better !! i was going to try to be objective but i'm not gonna even pretend to be, i just love her too much im sorry :')

Review: Lyrically it's such a bittersweet album, Carly who hurt you and why would anyone do that to you :( it is an album that details her very real feelings of heartbreak and discontent with her partners. What I love about this album is that it is deceptively so happy sonically ! for example, a song like For Sure a song in which Carly is unsure if a relationship is truly over, is just so blissful and cute in pretty much every way. The synths blare and Carly sings her sappy lyrics with enthusiasm and just so much energy. ITS SO SMART HER MIND IS POWERFUL. Of course there are some very gorgeous lustful love songs WHICH CARLY KILLS BUT NO SURPRISE THERE. Her vocals are just so beautiful and smooth and work so well with her brand of bubblegum pop. Most importantly she retains her incredible song writing ability to craft an album filled with quality carefully created pop songs. Her producers bring the 80s pop synth pop sound and add a bit of a more modern twist, it's such a great and fun direction and as ive said probably 20x before her light and dreamlike vocals WORK SO WELL WITH IT !! I love this album it is everything I hoped it would be. It is smart, catchy, adorable, nostalgic, melodramatic, and most importantly made by the queen of pop!! I will be listening to this so often I just love everything about Carly and this album, there is just a quality about her music that is hard to describe but I love it so much.
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May 17, 2019
May 17, 2019
Love this!
May 17, 2019
thanks so much luv <333
May 18, 2019
begone bot
May 18, 2019
UwU ~
May 18, 2019
Now THAT'S what I call DEDICATED.
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