Young Thug - So Much Fun
Aug 16, 2019 (updated Aug 28, 2019)
So Much Fun is one of the few recent 20+ song projects that I actually enjoy quite a bit. I am throughly impressed at Thug’s ability to carry this project, I did not expect a project of this length to be so stunningly consistent.

The production on this album is really not anything too experimental or particularly unique. Cole instead opted to let Thug’s outlandish lyrics and vocal inflections speak for themselves. I think letting these tracks breathe was a great decision, the songs would be too bloated if they had went with super loud and abrasive beats. The minimalist approach to production was the right one in my opinion.

Thug is not a traditionally great rapper but what he lacks in substance or technical ability is made up with his downright freaky style. Thug sounds like a crazed person drowning in a sea of vocal effects, which is actually a compelling style haha. Thug is very obviously putting his all into this album and the results are great, we get infectious and entertaining songs throughout. Lyrically, it’s obviously not anything particularly intellectually stimulating but it’s funny and stupid. He has this ability to craft idiotic one liners that just never fail to make me smile. The melodies are really pleasing to my ears which is really important to me, Chances album was ruined for me because of how downright unlistenable some of his melodies were.

Young Thug dropped a surprisingly great project, I hope Thug will finally get the recognition he deserves one day. He is one of the most influential artists of this generation, his protégés have succeeded by watering down his style for a mainstream audience. Maybe the general public is finally ready for Thug.

EDIT: So uh this is actually a 19 track album but yeah thats still long so

Best Tracks - Ecstasy, Cartier Gucci Scarf, What's the Move, Circle of Bosses, Just How It Is, Lil Baby, I'm Scared, Boy Back

Not so Good Tracks - The London
Aug 21, 2019
Its the first 20+ song project I listened to with 19 track. Thugger the Goat fr
Aug 21, 2019
@shenalg01 a true visionary
Aug 21, 2019
@carly rae jepsen's bodyguard Straight up facts
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