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Taylor Swift - Red
Taylor Swift
Dec 25

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KatzeinaBottle -
Ok, this album is just the best thing to exist that I have encountered thus far. I had heard ever since it came out until now that this album is a goat but because of not being an album person at all at the time and being very lazy, I only ever heard some of the tracks like the Blacker the Berry, some of For Free? and snippets of other tracks that I recognized while listening to the entire album for the first time. And now that I have, let me tell you, it's a piece of art with bops and hard ... read more

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KatzeinaBottle -
You know... I'm not sure if I love this album as much as I do. On the one hand, it has some of his best songs ever, especially Less than Zero, and many of the tracks go in places that are unusual and funny in a way that I really like, such as all the tracks with retro 80s ad segments or the one where he or someone else talks like an old man for the entire things (A Tale in Quincy), but on the other, it feels like more boring or off in some way I can't explain. I feel like the Weeknd decided ... read more
KatzeinaBottle -
Ok, let me get this straight. I not only called this album "better than the last one" but seemed to really like it for some reason. I mean, I like enough of the songs on this album that I can't call it bad but aside from the singles, this album is actually a bit of a disappointment. That being said, I still found myself enjoying it for the most part nonetheless. See, as I was going through Katy's discography a second time, I realized something that should have been obvious quite ... read more
KatzeinaBottle -
Ok, so if I'm to believe my original review, my opinion has changed a LOT on this album. For one, I guess it is still a first draft of Katy Perry as this persona that she created to piss of her parents, but she had been making music before as Katy Hudson and even a few demos as Katy Perry before this album, so I don't know what I was smoking, this isn't a first attempt in the true sense of the word. For another thing, I fricking love this album and I don't know why I didn't see that before. I ... read more
KatzeinaBottle -
I was going to try and make this comment a parody of Welcome to New York (God save 1989) but I couldn't get it to work so I'll just say that I love this song. I mean, I hear how it sounds and it's great. And the lyrics are properly vindictive and angry at an ex just like I would want from this kind of song while having that signature Taylor happy ending. It's one of my favorite from her songs and it's wonderful... in wonderland? I tried lol, and who knows where I got the idea to parody 1989 for ... read more
KatzeinaBottle -
Most mature work of her entire career, not to mention the ending is just insanely good. It almost reminds me of All You Need is Love and I imagine Taylor singing "I'm not a princess" in the background like Paul did with that song, referencing her earlier work, because in a real way, she's just as much a singer writing about her heartbreaks as they were a band writing songs about love. This song is not just a great song imo, it's her magnum opus and grand statement about her musical ... read more


Oct 10, 2021
_to be liker her". In hindsight, it makes me sad because at the end of the day she was just going through the motions of growing up and instead of sympathizing with her, I borderline slut shamed her and sometimes projected my own insecurities onto her like "She'll never find love" or "She'll never be happy living like that" and it's just funny because in defense of my own ego, I have yet to have a real relationship with anyone or even have sex as people would normally think of it and all it's done is make me feel alone, prudish, and no less affected by Taylor Swift's music since in all truth she is the artist I connect with the most. There are a lot of reasons for it but I think the biggest is because she was my bisexual awakening before I even knew what that meant or how bisexuality worked. I love you Taylor <3
Oct 10, 2021
You know, I try not to be biased, but I have just got to say, I love Taylor Swift. That might be obvious if you recognize where the picture is from, or for that matter, the lyrics on my pfp assuming you're able to zoom into the picture enough to do so. I just love not only her career arch but her musical journey as well going from a country artist to a pop star to imo a legend of the music world. She's solidified herself into pop culture for better or worse and I for one couldn't be happier. Even though I didn't know what to think of it at first, I think Folklore (and to some extent Evermore as well) was what I needed from Taylor to feel validated in loving her as much as I do. Even though I have grown up with her music and no one should feel ashamed for liking any type of music fro any reason, I have always felt bad for being a swiftie from the first time I heard people speak ill of her. It felt natural to hate someone because "she's fake" or "she dates a lot of guys, wouldn't want_
Jan 23, 2021
hello friend

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