Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Jun 12, 2020
I know everyone has talked their heads off about this record but I want to give a smol opinion on this very fascinating record.

My relationship with Ms. Apples’ music is very simple. I love all her projects, especially Extraordinary Machine (hot take lol). So I didn't expect anything less than great.

At first, I thought this album was pretty good but humdrum at points and extremely scatterbrain, and those descriptors still apply (with a negative connotation). But after many more listens I came around to liking this much much more.

My issues with this record mostly come down to some compositional choices (“I Want You To Love Me” is kinda bland compared to all the other songs.) and bits of the lyrical framing (yikes). As much as I respect the meaning of these songs, I find some of these songs to be haphazard. How she acts on “Under The Table” is a bit condescending and the flip of “misogynist tropes” is quite cheap and immature compared to how serious the rest of this album can be. I do understand the context of the “rape” line on “For Her” BUT if the core song was not a total mess then this line would hit much harder. The fact that its the bridge to the outro nearly ruins the song. It’s pretty much a cliffhanger. And yes, she was saying things to build up to it but saying such a massive bold statement and practically fading out right after is for a lack of better words… LAME AS HELL!

These issues don’t really stop this album from being great tho. The piano-playing consistently sounds fantastic and the basslines are constantly eargasmic. Ms. Apple is vocally on fire on this record. But this record isn’t entirely full of spit and vinegar. Songs like “Cosmonauts” and “Heavy Balloon” are anxious to no end but she keeps such a strong grip on the core tune, it makes her sound so damn confident. It’s not hard to feel like I can overcome anything when im hearing Ms. Apple loudly exclaim “I SPREAD LIKE STRAWBERRIES I CLIMB LIKE PEAS AND BEANS” in my tinnitus ridden ears.

Even with its issues, Fetch The Bolt Cutters is an incredible and exciting listen. You’ve already heard this, I just wanted to drop a review on this. Y’all Enjoy.

Fav Tracks: Shameika, Newspaper, Ladies, Heavy Balloon, Cosmonauts, Drumset
Least Fav Track: Under The Table
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