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I’m just a guy who loves music. I try not to avoid any particular genre but obviously my knowledge will be limited in areas. I hope that’s all cool :) I try to be as critical as possible and it goes without saying that my opinions are just that. If you disagree feel free to discuss it with me and I’ll make sure to keep an open mind. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my reviews!
what up nerds im a nonbinary alien from 300 years in the future lets rate some fucking music i also have a youtube channel check it
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I just locked an open door...strange, yet symbolically compelling.
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Beijing, China
Just trying to immortalize and organize my thoughts on good music.
RATING CRITERION FOR LPs 100 ➸ masterpiece 90-99 ➸ excellent 80-89 ➸ amazing 70-79 ➸ great 60-69 ➸ okay 50-59 ➸ mediocre 40-49 ➸ bad 0-39 ➸ terrible FOR EPs 80-85 ➸ masterpiece 70-79 ➸ excellent 60-69 ➸ great 50-59 ➸ okay 35-49 ➸ bad 0-35 ➸ terrible FOR SOUNDTRACK & COMPILATION ALBUMS 90 ➸ masterpiece 80-89 ➸ excellent 70-79 ➸ amazing 60-69 ➸ great 50-59 ➸ okay 31-49 ➸ bad 0-30 ➸ terrible
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It's Mickt T. This is my singles account. Go follow my main for my album reviews
100- Masterpiece 90-99- Legendary 85-89- Awesome 80-84- Very good 70-79- Good 60-69- Average 50-59- Mediocre 40-49- Forgettable 30-39- Bad 20-29- Vey Bad 10-19- Awful 0-9- Absolute Trash
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Ratings + Reviews in every post. Lists coming soon. Reading my contents and clicking the heart button would be very much appreciated, thank you! [RATING SYSTEM] ✶ 100 = Perfect ✶ 95 — 99 = Incredible ✶ 90 — 94 = Excellent ✶ 85 — 89 = Awesome ✶ 80 — 84 = Great ✶ 75 — 79 = Good ✶ 70 — 74 = Decent ✶ 60 — 69 = Okay ✶ 50 — 59 = Average ✶ 40 — 49 = Mediocre ✶ 30 — 39 = Boring ✶ 20 — 29 = Poor ✶ 10 — 19 = Bad ✶ 0 — 9 = Awful Other music related platforms ➤ Spotify: joshmadgum ➤ Musicboard: joshmadrid
Hi! I'm Dado and 'm here to collect my music experience The first album I have ever listened to was "the Doors" by the Doors when I was about 8 years old. Since then I've listened to many albums of different genres. Personal Rating System 100: Really Unique and oustanding 90: Masterpiece 80: Very Good Album 70: great album with some good tracks 60: Maybe a good album, but nothing more/ A waste of a great opportunity/ not enough good 50: Awful 40:Garbage <40: Hell of a Garbage
Rio de Janeiro • Brasil
obcecado por cultura pop, séries, comentarista de premiações, álbuns, filmes e eventos nas horas vagas 🤞
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Account is dedicated to asian music 🌸 Well, It's mainly k-pop, but there are also some j-pop and c-pop. All albums and singles are rated based on the standards of particular genre (which is k-pop), cause comparing to some western music that i like, score might be much lower. Anyway, I'm here to enjoy music, so my ratings depend on album's atmosphere, conception, catchiness and mostly on my personal emotions, how much it affected me or if i'm going to listen to it again.
transgender musician
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I am Lycopene. If cheesy 2000's anime soundtrack style new age influenced synth punk interests you, check it out. Bandcamp:
I just like music. Albums are reviewed based on several criteria such as: lyricism, production, Replay value, catchiness etc,. I will usually rate every track out of 10 and derive the avg to get an album rating based on the above criteria Legend: 0-29: TERRIBLE: No reason to come back to any of the tracks on the project. 30-49: BAD: maybe one or two redeemable tracks 50-59: OK: the album is hit and miss. 60-79: GOOD 80-89: GREAT 90+- MASTERPIECE/PERSONAL FAVOURITE
Ontario, Canada
FRINGEMUSICFIX.COM : CANADA'S ONLINE ALT-POP MUSIC VIDEO NETWORK Rating System ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (100%) : All-Time Favourite ⭐⭐⭐⭐½ (90%): AOTY/On Repeat/Keeper ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (80%): Must-Hear/May Replay ⭐⭐⭐½ (70%): Great/Lacking X-Factor ⭐⭐⭐ (60%): Flawed But Entertaining ⭐⭐½ (50%): Passable/Forgettable ⭐⭐ (40%): Neverending ⭐½ (30%): Grind/Lifeless ⭐ (20%): Abhorrent/Offensive ½ (10%): Couldn't Finish
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I'm not Matt Pike
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