Baxter Dury - The Night Chancers
Mar 20, 2020 (updated Mar 20, 2020)
Guys, I Breathe, Eat And Sleep Baxter Dury. Ever since I found Prince of Tears on Metacritic in late 2017, I've been obsessed with his Music. Look at my scrobbles for him, Its insane! Seriously, he is one of the best-kept secrets in the music industry. Everything he releases is gold. So here is a summary of my thoughts on his other projects.

Len Parrot's Memorial Lift: He brought back the sound of the Velvet Underground and "modernized" it. Its lo-fi, grimy, and incredibly depressing. 10/10

Floor Show: One of the greatest records in the history of rock music. This is when the term Indie Rock had meaning and this is the meaning. 10/10

Happy Soup: His first "pop" record. It's the most upbeat thing he's made. A fucking tune and a half from start to finish. 10/10

It's A Pleasure: This is the only of his that I thought was ok at some point. Its a grower. It can feel a bit watered down but still stellar. Decent 9/10

Prince of Tears: This is the one that got me into him and its... PERFECT. 10/10

B.E.D: A quirky collab with Étienne De Crécy & Delilah Holliday. Good Fun. Strong 8/10

The Night Chancers... is his best album. Baxter has finally perfected himself. This is peak Dury.

It's rare to see a concept record like this. Yeah, Floor Show is technically a concept record but this goes beyond that. This is an album of characters and Baxter plays these characters will mind-blowing grace. His always-changing vocal tone adds another layer to the stories that are being told on this album. I especially love his (probably) unintentional Michael Gira impersonation on ('Sleep People'). The instrumentals range from Reagge to Jazzy White People R&B. I don't mean anything bad by "Jazzy White People R&B". ('Carlas Got a Boyfriend') does give me a bit of a Frank Ocean vibe. Baxter is a Frank Ocean fan so that does make some sense.

Ok... It's really hard to talk about this. It feels like im writing to myself at this point. I doubt anyone else is a bigger fan than me (humble flex moment?) So im going to leave y'all with this. I think this is perfect, the idea of this is perfect. I know this man's entire discography like the back of my hand. It's apart of my soul and writing about it feels egotistical in a weird way.

But Please Always Remember, Baxter Loves You.

"Shiny bootycheeks like abortion clinics in the moon!" - @Kengoji™
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