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Orlando: Home of The Rat
00-09: Happy the Happy Meal 10-19: Arby’s Oven Mitt 20-29: Cuppy 30-39: The Noid 40-49: The Burger King 50-59: Charles Entertainment Cheese 60-69: Pepsiman 70-79: Moon Man 80-89: Big Boy 90-99: The Meat Clown 100: 𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝔹𝔼𝔼 BLACK LIVES MATTER & ACAB I also have a Letterboxd:
France / The history of the albums / CFCE 87.8 FM
My new instagram @doublezaoty / My future list of the Top 50 Best Albums of 2020 will be available as of 2020/12/19 Hi! I hope to be able to debate with passionate people like you, that's why I joined AOTY
Brad Taste
YouTube guy This site has turned good people into pretentious lost souls
Phoenix🏜 | CFCE 87.8 FM | The Collective
Yep, I'm that one dude who hears colors. He/him ~ Arizona native Retired YouTuber ~ Proud libtard Part of the musical duo Orchid. Linked below! I use an equation to get my ratings, which favors emotional fulfillment and technical innovation. ⭐Current binge: CFCE 87.8⭐ 100: Masterpiece 99-90: Exceptional 89-80: Amazing 79-75: Great 74-70: Good 69-60: Decent 59-50: Impartial 49-40: Mediocre 39-30: Bad 29-20: Horrendous 19-10: Dreadful 9-0: Unacceptable


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