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Music boy. Critiquing in the style of short "blurbs." Trying to increase my slang and wit in them. Personal Rating Scale: S A+ A A- B+ B Mhm Meh Ehh No Balls Fascism Propaganda FAT L Extra Rating(s): Sorry Karren, (A rating which indicates a record so underwhelming with a poor concept that barely merits further thought.) Good (i.e or any other rating or mish mash of words)
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writer 90+ are all time favorites. 76-89 are various degrees of love 60-75 are various degrees of like. 50-59 are various degrees of mediocre. 0-49 are various degrees of dislike. Don't self promote in my shoutbox.
This is hell, this is hell
I write mediocre reviews. Remember, my opinion is and should always be viewed as objective fact. I usually don't listen to something I unless I think I'd enjoy it which is why I don't have many negative ratings. 10 - Masterpiece 9 - Amazing 8 - Great 7 - Good 6 - Decent 5 - Meh 4 - Mediocre 3 - Bad 2 - Very bad 1 - Nearly unlistenable 0 - Shouldn't exist !!! IF YOU SELF-ADVERTISE ON MY PAGE I WILL DELETE YOUR COMMENT NO EXCEPTIONS !!!
♫ I rate my albums by compiling an average of the individual score of each track on the album, based purely on how I feel about the track, disregarding any genre specialization. I just love music and the idea that I can keep an electronic database of all of my ratings and that I can share them is just great. ♫ Album>Mixtape>EP 100 - 95 My Favorite Albums 94 - 92 Amazing 91 - 89 Great 88 - 86 Good 85 - 81 Decent 80 - 76 Average 75 - 71 Room for improvement (?) 70 - 60 Weak 59 - 51 Poor 50 ... D:
#BLM!!! try to donate to these if you can: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd I like Cartoons, Drawing, Nature, Cinema, Memes, Star Wars, basically anything a 14-year old teenager would like Hope we become good friends Also please join my Discord server:
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21 year old obsessed with plants. (He/him) I like to follow lots of users, so my follower count doesn't indicate the quality of 90% of my reviews. 95+ is basically perfect, 85-94 is excellent & <50 is everyone else's <20 (My rating system is pretty kind to crap albums). Once my ratings get above 80, each numerical increment indicates quite a large boost in quality. I try to rate albums with a healthy mixture of critical objectivity and personal subjectivity.
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