Selena Gomez - Rare
Jan 11, 2020

I only came for Cudi... but then I realized the rest of the record is pretty heat!

Selena Gomez, for those who are living under a rock... used to be your everyday teenage witch and had gone by "Alex Russo". She lived happily with her two parents and her siblings, and they would often catch up on mischief and go on wacky adventures all the time.

Until one day Disney decided that they should go ahead and have their own full-length film called "Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie", which is supposed to be a sci-fi horror starring Alex herself and the fam.

Let's just say the movie was bad... so bad that Alex from that point on had gone by the alias of "Selena Gomez", then it all came crumbling down when you realize that every Disney sitcom after that was garbage....

Except maybe Pair of Kings.... nah I'm kidding. Thanks Disney.

But thank God they didn't get their hands on this pretty good electro and dance pop record.

I don't think Gomez really hit it home with this album, but I can honestly tell you that "Rare" is a really cute project that starts off my year nicely.

The album in general is basically about loving oneself. "Cut You Off", "Look At Her Now" and "Lose You To Love Me" all kinda seem to be going in that general direction.

I can really get behind that idea, but the themes really aren't the strong point of "Rare", it's more the airy vocals and light synths that dominate the project.

Because I can't say that the album is bombastic in any way, it doesn't go hard often. It doesn't carry any electrifying tension, but nonetheless it's still a sweet listen. Though there are moments where I wish it was more than that, I wish more interesting features were littered on the project so she could test out some engrossing chemistry (I assume she has a lot of people stumbling over each other to work with her), I wish she could just do something a lil' different with the instrumentals during a great deal of the second half... I wish--

Oh fuck I already used them all up.

I've found myself bumping "Dance Again" often and being the Cudi Stan that I am, "A Sweeter Place" is one of my favourites.

And her voice is pretty, clean and filled with cold attitude. Most of the time.

Disappointingly, by the time you get to the second half, you've kind of heard it all... and I hate that, I hate that she doesn't break through her own barrier or do something mind bending... because she really can, she really is capable of doing something as crazy as a Billie Eillish debut, or a "Flamboyant" or a "Charli".

But I still like this album.

CONCLUSION ! : Selena's new album is cute and harmless, y'all are just mean.

BEST ! : Dance Again, Vulnerable, A Sweeter Place

WEAKEST ! : Cut You Off
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5d ago
It's okay homie, I repect your opinion homie, don't worry homie, I gotchu homie xxx
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