Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By
Jan 17, 2020 (updated Aug 26, 2020)
☆☆☆ 1/2

All I needed to do was revisit Eminem's discography and understand what I enjoyed about him, and understand his mindset going behind the making of this record, how he genuinely wanted to improve and appeal to as many demographics as possible, I used to think the Ariana Grande reference was tragic but now the only tragic thing about this project is just how awful the reception's been... and knowing Eminem, he'll understand what everyone's reaction is. . . man, I just hope he takes it well.

I've found myself enjoying a lot of the tracks here, the album isn't too bitchy like "Kamikaze". This album's production work beats anything that's landed up on an Eminem album... in decades...

His flow is usually tight. His schemes are on point, especially when he's caught with another capable and skillful rapper that puts up a good challenge. Royce da 5'9 on "You Gon' Learn" and Black Thought on "Yah Yah" are exactly what I'm talking about.

Those Kinda Nights isn't as bad as I remembered. In Too Deep grew on me a lot. The pacing is a lot more convincing than I would've wanted to admit the last time. The tone is a lot more under control than I would've expected on an Eminem album. Darkness is one of his best stories to date.

Man, there's a lot I enjoy about this thing... crazy. I really didn't need to overthink what Eminem was doing here.

BEST: You Gon' Learn, Monster, Darkness, Yah Yah, Lock It Up, I Will


It's a great album . It will grow on you if u give it time . The ratings too low
lmao ‘u arent listening to this right’
@Sh5 Nah, bro. Just listen to better music
That's subjective. Alot of people have rated this album in a positive be way . It's great . You should revisit this and let it grow on you
@Sh5 dude, it's indeed subjective. Just like YOUR opinion of the record is also subjective, so stop telling him that he needs to "let it grow on him".
What’s sad is he’s one of the most talented writers in Hip-Hop, ever. The way he writes metaphors & similes, uses wordplay, writes schemes, and uses multi-syllablic rhyme patterns across several bars, is so advanced that he goes over his audiences head. Most people will never catch what he’s saying in his bars because they hear & remember the BS “humor” lines like “huge mansion, no huge man chin”
He shoots himself in the foot when he spits how great of an MC he is, then literally the next song he says something so cringe you can’t finish the song. If he would cut out tracks like Those Kinda Nights, In Too Deep, Stepdad lol, Little Engine, Farewell, and just give us a fucking hip-hop album, he wouldn’t get shit on. We all know he can rap his ass off, but he refuses to give us a real hip-hop album. I just don’t understand it. Stepdad and Those Kinda Nights may be the most cringeworthy songs he has ever put out. I can’t believe there isn’t anyone in Em‘s circle telling him this shit.
@AustFrost There's a really talented artist out there called "MF DOOM"

He has exactly what you've just described for Eminem and more, AND he has a far more consistent catalog than Em.

No one cares about Marshall's bars because they're either just gross references, disgusting or incredibly laughable at points.

So yeah, I couldn't agree more with you.
Yh it's subjective but I do feel like music needs to grow on you . Most of the albums I love , they had to grow on me (very common with alot of people ) . If I let them go I wouldn't have these gems . Step dad is dope and eminem is a top mc. Mf is dope but he is no Eminem
@Sh5 nah sometimes music is just bad lmao
This review has aged terribly. Holy shit
Is time for a revisit
Lily so is people's tastes
I like this album now
thank you now
It grew on u :)
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