Hell - Hell
I'm barely putting out reviews just shitposts now, sorry. Don't unfollow.

I mean... I CAN'T put out any ratings or reviews yet. That has to be saved for the SATURDAY JACK OFF.

Listening to all these fucking albums is killing me, I don't even think I'm halfway through. Whose shitty idea was this?

Music is a weird thing, bruh

I'm craving some Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven right about now

☝️🏼That wasn't a joke. I feel like revisiting that album because of how shit I'm feeling right now.

In a parallel universe, I gave that album an 80 out of 100

That's scary

Anyways. What is your opinion on Kid Cudi?

I think he's one of my favourite artists despite his variety in quality of music.

His themes and lyrics usually resonate with me

Wish I had Man on The Moon III right now

In a parallel universe, I give that a 91 out of 100

4d ago
Kid Cudi gave a shout out to Pitbull, so he's bad
4d ago
When did that happen?
3d ago
Cudi Spazzin'
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