CHVRCHES - He Said She Said
Apr 20, 2021
Why do you people dislike the song that much? it's better than a good chunk of their softmore LP and lyrically more interesting than their latest output.

Yes, initially i didn't like it that much but with re listens it grew on me. Yes,it is more mainstream but that doesn't automatically make something worse,right?And it isn't even that mainstream with it's hyperpop vocals.

I don't love the song by any means, i said it's more interesting lyrically but it still needed some polish.Also i hate people saying it's just another break up song even though it clearly is about the way we want women to behave how emotionaly scaring it is.
Apr 20, 2021
Yes, after listening to this a few times I completely agree with you. This is actually a decent tune when you figure it out. It's just a bit jarring, but I played the song for my teenage daughter who loves them as well and she says it hits at a lot insecurities that girls/women feel.
Apr 21, 2021
Thank you for being understanding!
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