Car Seat Headrest - Making A Door Less Open
May 1, 2020
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WILL, WHY IS THIS SO BAD??? I’m taking a break off this site, but jesus this album actually made me upset, while I’m not the biggest fan of Car Seat Headrest, I do enjoy Twin Fantasy and Teens of Denial a lot, so this was one of my anticipated album of the year, but GOOD LORD DID ANYONE TELL WILL THAT SOME OF THESE SONGS SOUNDED LIKE SHIT. This is one of the biggest trainwreckords I’ve seen in a while along time along with Chance’s Big Day, but fuck y’ll I actually like The Big Day more than this, there’s like three songs I like on this album, those are Martin, Life Worth Missing, and There must be more than Blood, They have that electronic feel that this album has, but also has that past Car Seat Headrest vibe I like so much, I’m probably gonna just pretend that this was a 3-track EP, so I don’t have to listen to to the rest of the tracks, because Jesus Christ, they are some of the worst songs I heard this year. Y’ll allowing this electronic shit to happen cause y’ll want to suck Will’s cock so much, but fuck y’ll this shit sounds bad, Hollywood sounds like garbage and like the songs says, this songs wants to make me want to puke. Deadlines (Thoughtful) sounds like an extremely bad LCD sound system rip-off without knowing what makes LCD Soundsystem so good, and we finally get the Hymn (Remix), *breaths in* GOOD FUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE FUCKIN SHIT IS THIS, YOU ALL ACTING LIKE THIS IS GOOD, BUT NO ITS FUCKING NOT IT SOUNDS LIKE EXPERIMENTAL SHIT, THIS IS ACTUALLY WORSE THAN THE COUNTRY YUMMY REMIX AND THAT ONE NEW STREETS SINGLE, IT SOUNDS LIKE A MESS AND WILL’S VOCALS MAKE ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF. Sorry, I’m just a bit upset, this album reminds me a lot of Steven Universe Future, where it’s one of the worst pieces of shit I’ve seen/listened this year, but fans are acting like it’s good because the original stuff was good, but sorry this shit ain’t good at all, the lyrics are probably good, but I’m not willing to look into to them considering what much I don’t give a shit at all. Sure Objectively, the Green Day record is worse than this album, but personally, I fucking hated this piece of shot. Well goodbye now, i’m gonna watch some Twin peaks or something like that, see ya later
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