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Björk - Vespertine
I'd like to preface by saying that this is not a review. I tried to write a traditional review for this album, but the words just couldn't come to me. At some point I realized that what I wanted to do for this album wasn't a review, but just express my thoughts on it in a way that made sense to me. After a lot of brainstorming, I realized that the only way I could do that in a way I wanted to was to write an original narrative, based on what the album inspires me to write. And so that's what I ... read more

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Dream - to whoever wants to hear
Dream I understand you’re new to music and don’t know a lot of chords, but I don’t understand why you kept insisting on playing with A Minor.
Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist - VOIR DIRE
The only difference between this release of Voir Dire and the previous one was a different tracklist, but after clocking in a good 200 listens on this version, I don't think I miss the old tracks all that much LMAO

Besides "Some Rap Songs", Earl Sweatshirt wasn't really a name I looked out for. When I heard this album released on Gala via nft purchase (no shade to them for that decision btw, their reasoning for doing so made sense imo), my reaction was nothing more than a shrug, and ... read more

Jane Remover - Census Designated
I'll be the first to say that I went into this record not knowing anythinggg about Fraility. Hell, I barely even noticed the singles released. To be honest with you all, the way I got introduced to this one was through PixieVT who recommened it, so my expectations were like zilch, nada at all.

And yet Jane Remover has managed to set my expectations for this genre as a whole way way up LMAO shoegaze is a genre that I've sort of never understood. Bands like mbv or even some of Parannoul's (i ... read more

Injury Reserve - By the Time I Get to Phoenix
What is grief?

Grief so large
Grief so overwhelming
Unrelenting, uncontrolled, grief

If someone tells you of an album that captures somebody’s grief, what comes to your mind?
Perhaps a gospel album, sung by a voice so strained yet hopeful, capturing the essence of their loved one in their mind?
Or maybe a slow album, dedicated to the experiences they had with that person?

In all our understanding of grief, sometimes we like to show only the romantic sides of it all, the hope, the ... read more

Lil Tecca & Kodak Black - HVN ON EARTH
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Lil Tecca was still making music. Like, that one guy that looks like the Sid The Science Kid mfer still jams?? And it’s so goated?? This albums gonna be the perfect sendoff to summer, the sound on here is just so fresh and fun, looking forward to tomorrow!


Hello! The list is out now if you want to check it out! Either way, thanks for participating and have a good day :)
Hey there azrael! I wanted to redo my review of an album that means a lot to me. It truly made my output on music different and caused me to look at things in a different light. It’s helped me through some really tough times, and it's very dear to me. It would make my day if you could give it a look!
cool, thanks! I'll add them to the list!
Hi! Being an avid fan of falling asleep, and having just made a list of albums I like falling asleep to, I got curious what other people like to fall asleep to (if anything). So if there's any album you like to put on when you're getting ready for sleep, I'll add it to a community list I'm making. Cheers!
Hello! I just released the album Diffractions! It features 32 minutes of lush, psychedelic, soothing drone music! Also, there is a limited edition DVD-R with blooming visuals to accompany the album.

I would really appreciate it if you decide to check it out :)

All the links are in my review!
i did change it LMAO. weird transition but yeah we Weyesing our Bloods now lol. congrats on the 300 and i loved the review <3
Hey! Thank you<3 I appreciate it!:) and yeah totally I’ll check out your review when I wake up! I’m excited to read itttt! I appreciate the nice comments to<3
I've been chilling tbh. Took a break from reviewing to settle into uni but I'm back on the grind now
Damn haven't seen you in a minute, how've you been? Crazy good review btw!
i lied 🤭


hi hi, name’s az
i like ice cream 🍨
library is budding record collection
I mainly review albums I enjoy, because why waste time on something I hate
favorite albums are CURRENT favorite albums, not all time
my music taste is trash, hope you enjoy
100 ~ Perfection, my favorite albums
90-99 ~ Excellent
80-89 ~ Great
70-79 ~ Good
60-69 ~ Fine
50-59 ~ Eh
40-49 ~ Could use some work, but not awful
30-39 ~ Not good
20-29 ~ Bad
10-19 ~ Terrible
0-9 ~ Unlistenable / Awful

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