Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride
May 4, 2019 (updated 6d ago)
This one was really tough for me. First off, I want to say, I don’t really like the vibe of most of the songs, and the album as a whole, but I can commend it for being extremely unique. I haven’t ever heard anything like this, which seems to fuse quite a lot, but that may just be because I haven’t listened to enough yet. A definite downfall of this album is its length. I’m not saying that it’s so long that it gets boring or anything like that, because this record didn’t bore me for one second. More that, because of the massive amount of tracks, there was bound to be a lot of great tracks and some meh ones in between. This is still a Vampire Weekend album, so there’s no bad songs, unsurprisingly, just a few that don’t fall as well on me as others. For example, Married In A Gold Rush just sounds like a cliche duet track, and doesn’t really go anywhere. The album starts off with Hold You Now, a track that definitely grew on me over time, and is my favourite of the Dannielle Haim features. Harmony Hall is a brilliant tune, and I don’t think I need to say much else about it. It’s so intricately crafted. Bambina sounds like a fusion of VW’s old sound with their new sound, and it works amazingly in its short run time. This Life was obviously crafted to be a radio-friendly pop song, but a pretty good one at that, with nice lyrics, and it’s extremely catchy, however it remains one of the songs on the album that I can’t love. The album also has some more melancholic cuts, like My Mistake which sounds incredibly beautiful. The following track, Sympathy, is certainly my favourite track, as it has so much going on, feeling like a massive wall of noise that keeps hitting me, and taking several breaks, and Ezra’s vocals are perfect on it. The two tracks featuring Steve Lacey, Sunflower and Flower Moon, are certainly some of my favourites from the record, with brilliant guitar work, and just something incredibly special about both of those tracks, especially Flower Moon. Stranger is a really tough one for me, because I love how fun the song sounds in its verses, but I feel like I’ve heard the same chorus so many times before, which kinda takes away from my enjoyability of the song. Spring Snow is quite a forgettable track, but the following album closer is rather nice, with some great piano, and some interesting electronics incorporated in the background, but these could’ve been done without, as I feel it takes away from the personal nature the song’s trying to go for. Three brilliant tracks that I didn’t touch on are How Long?, Unbearably White, and 2021. Overall, I did enjoy the album, it just could’ve done without a few tracks. I wouldn’t go as far to say the mediocre tracks are filler, as they all were going for something, and contributed to the final product nicely.

Edit: (Original Score: 75) I think Vampire Weekend’s charm is starting to win me over a bit more on this album than it was before.

Favourite Tracks: Sympathy, Harmony Hall, Flower Moon

Least Favourite Track: Married In A Gold Rush
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