Tool - 10,000 Days
Sep 2, 2019
Tool’s 4th studio album, now with 50% less interludes!

10,000 Days has quite a similar sound to the band’s previous album, but you can definitely tell the difference, as the album tends to expand on the style of Reflection on a lot of songs, as well as having a mix of some of their saddest songs and some of their most triumphant-sounding. The opening track, Vicarious is the best example of a triumphant song here, as Justin Chancellor’s brilliantly heavy bass riffs and Maynard’s powerful vocals just create an amazing song. However, it seems that these brilliant vocals can’t be kept up throughout the whole album, as the intro for The Pot has some of the most terrible vocals I’ve ever heard, which are only highlighted because there’s no instrumental at this bit to take your mind off the vocals. That’s a real disappointing as the rest of the song is amazing. The album includes a two-part story in the songs Wings For Marie and the title track, which tells the tragic tale of the death of Maynard’s mother, with Wings For Marie having some rather somber guitar licks from the band to go along with the lyrics, as well as infrequent drum pounds that add to how dramatic it sounds. Lost Keys is one of the few interludes on here that actually starts off with a really nice guitar melody, and is ruined by a skit that has 90s video game level of bad voice acting. This track leads into Rosetta Stoned, which is the most mixed bag on the record, as the first couple of minutes of it with Maynard’s fast-paced vocals ranting and raving about aliens just ends up sounding kind of cheesy, while the instrumental throughout the track and the vocals after that point ranging from just good to fantastic, with the only other thing that really bothers me being when he sings “Goddamn shit the bed”. Intension is another of the slower songs on the album, but with an electronic-tinged instrumental at the tail end of it, which is definitely new for the band. Right In Two sounds like it could’ve been the perfect epic closer of the album, if it wasn’t the penultimate track, with the actual closer being Viginti Tres, just another ambient drone track that adds nothing to the album. I know that it seems I’ve talked about a lot that I dislike in the album, but these are all just minor things that are easy to talk about, and don’t completely ruin an otherwise brilliant album, they just make it so that it doesn’t come close to rivalling the band’s two previous works.

Favourite Tracks: Vicarious, Jambi, 10,000 Days

Least Favourite Track: Intension
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