Brockhampton - Saturation III
Jul 15, 2019
After seeing a lot of people hype this album up as being the best of the trilogy, I was fairly disappointed, as even though it’s a nice addition to the trilogy, quite a few tracks are forgettable.

It might sound as if I’m being a bit too critical of this when comparing it to my score, but that’s just because I found the other two album in the Saturation trilogy to be considerably better. And besides, the main problems I have with this album are to do with the sound, as the lyrics are as clever as ever. BOOGIE, while not matching the energy of the openers of the previous two, has a very different kind of energy, as it’s very explosive with a sampled trumpet keeping the song extremely active and fun. ZIPPER is probably one of my lyrical favourites here, and has a great verse from Merlyn, containing another iconic line, “Head was clean, Tony Fantano”, which I take as Merlyn comparing the clean head he was getting to Anthony Fantano’s clean shaven head. Even though the beat here is sampled from Little Big Planet which is quite clever, it’s not extremely ear-catching. The next two tracks JOHNNY and LIQUID aren’t necessarily bad, but just don’t have anything that stands out. STUPID reminds me of songs from Sat II, with a fairly well done usage of vocal effects on the chorus, and a nice chill beat. BLEACH is one of the sweeter songs on here, just like MILK and JESUS on the previous two albums, and is just the kind of song you can relax to, and has a nice switch-up near the end that only makes the song more enjoyable. We get a detailed look into Kevin’s past on ALASKA, along with a brilliant braggadocios verse from Ameer, and Matt’s finishing verse just sounds too good. HOTTIE’s definitely confusing, as the chorus from Kevin sounds like something you’d hear in a kid’s song, which just doesn’t fit with the rest of the album, but the other verses, especially Joba’s, are still pretty good. Now, while this album may have some of the band’s most mediocre songs, it also has one of the best, SISTER/NATION, which may just be the most experimental song of the whole trilogy. It’s split into two parts, with every second of the first part is extremely energetic and amazing, and the second part being a bit slower, but equally as amazing. RENTAL has a really catchy chorus, and a weird but great beat that even samples children laughing, definitely one of the best songs on here. Brockhampton becomes self-aware on STAINS, with an interlude of Ashlan Grey talking about the tropes of each member of the band, and the rest of the track is just great standard Brockhampton stuff. The final track TEAM, breaks up the pattern of the closers from the previous albums in the trilogy in multiple ways. In the previous records, the closer had 1 letter more than the other tracks on the album, while this song has 2 less, and even bigger of a change, while it still features a brilliant solo bit from Bearface, that has a blissful instrumental, it also features the other members of the band at the end, just to finish the trilogy as it started. This album has a lot of good songs, with the best being towards the end of the album, but really doesn’t compare to the other two in the trilogy, and just doesn’t seem like something I’ll be coming back to often.


Least Favourite Track: LIQUID
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