Have a Nice Life - Deathconsciousness
Aug 31, 2019
i'm really torn on Deathconsciousness. really, really torn. on one hand, i love it - i love a good concept album, and this is one of the biggest and most in-depth concept albums ever, taking into account the 70 page booklet that comes with the album. i love the lyrics and the sound, and how it tackles existential sadness and depression in a really grim but accepting way. but on the other hand, i find it to be an absolute drag to listen to. i think i like the concept of Deathconsciousness and what it represents more than the album itself.

to start off my review, let me just say i'm not a massive fan of shoegaze - i think it's a super overrated genre. most of the most famous shoegaze albums i find to be mostly okay, but nothing amazing personally. Loveless is fine, i really don't understand the hype around it though. so maybe i just don't get it yet, and one day this album will blossom into a beautiful daisy for me, but right now that goddamn isnt the case. that't not to say, however, that there aren't songs i like on Deathconsciousness. for one, i think the album starts and ends pretty great - the first and last 3 songs are the best on the album for sure. while probably the most basic opinion, i think Bloodhail is the best song on the whole album, handily. Dan's vocals are fantastic, especially when the other vocal tracks come in and harmonize on the "chorus." it's stunningly grim but in a eerily beautiful way. and that grinding bass and noisy drumkit create such a fantastic foundation for the guitars to do their shoegazy thing over. it's one of the best songs of the genre, for sure. the closer, Earthmover, is another fantastic song in the same vein. the sheer weight this song carries is immense and hits you instantly when the guitars break in. and those droning synths in the second half? they sound like a fucking drill just buzzing into my fucking skull i love it so mUCH. this song is fucking incredible, honestly.

in terms of more open and empty tracks, The Big Gloom is the best for sure - the insanely despondent vocals echoing out are incredibly potent, and the lyrics are heavy as hell. you can really hear the sorrow in Dan's voice, the pure just agony and lack of devotion he expresses in his delivery and lyrics just hang over you like a black stormcloud. I Don't Love is equally as sad, maybe sadder, but has a much more noisy and intense sound as compared to The Big Gloom. it reminds me a lot of the Candy Claws song, Into the Deep Time, with its oppressive wall of fuzzy noise. the song almost has a happy melody, happier than most of whats on the album at least, that really makes it stick out in a great way.

so, great tracks. really great tracks. the only problem is, i think the rest of em are pretty mediocre. either they're incredibly boring, like There Is No Food or Telephony, or they go on for WAY too long, like Hunter or The Future. let's start with Hunter - this song does nOT justify it's 9 and a half minute runtime at all. sure, the ending is pretty good, but it repeats this same, simple, boring pattern for 6 whole minutes, and it never becomes interesting or enjoyable. whats the point in having an explosive ending if the buildup to it makes me want to shut the whole album off? and the next song, Telephony... why is it mixed so quietly? listen to Telephony, then listen to Bloodhail to really experience the difference. i shouldnt have to crank up my music just to be able to hear the goddamn song. the same problem carries over into the next song, Who Would Leave Their Son Out in the Sun?, which maybe the most boring on the entire album. this song is essentially nothing - Dan's vocals are so muffled and obscured you can barely make out whatever he's trying to say, and the weird string or synth production that lays over his vocals barely changes and is super uninteresting, honestly. really just a nothing track. the next song, There is No Food, is another nothing track too. sure, feedback-drenched guitars kinda build and release over a dinky synth pattern, but is it interesting or enjoyable to listen to? honestly, no. same thing goes for The Future - honestly i find the constantly beeping synth really annoying, especially since it's panned to my left ear the whole song. there's some decent industrial drone sounds coming off of the guitars in this song, but it really just adds nothing to the album.

hnng, this album is a pretty big disappointment for me, honestly. so many people love it, and i can somewhat see why, but it really just doesnt speak to me that much. there are great tracks, sure, but as an album experience it's really lacking. hopefully their new album, Sea of Worry, will do more to appeal to me.

FAVORITE - Bloodhail, Earthmover, I Don't Love, The Big Gloom
LEAST FAVORITE - Who Would Leave Their Son Out In the Sun

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