so i wanted to join @notbuzzzila's Day of Beatdown Hardcore binge, but i do not like this kind of metal in the slightest. SO, INSTEAD, i will review every cover art of the albums in the binge! because fuck it! i'm not actually gonna rate the albums, don't worry. just gonna give an /10 rating at the end.

THE END! i actually quite like this cover. i love the artstyle, with the thick lines and kinda cartoonish shading. it reminds me of Borderlands' artstyle quite a bit, actually. all of the lines naturally flow very well, a ton of curves and movement in each piece. this is especially apparent in the mother's horns, with how gently and carefully curved they are, flowing very smoothly and realistically, while still looking quite other-worldly. i also love how many flowers there are! i'm a big fuckin flower loser, i love flowers, and this cover really delivers. the pastel yellow garland that kinda wraps around the main subjects perfectly compliments the light and washed-out color scheme, and the pink/purple flower crown the baby is wearing pops super well and draws your eyes over there. i also love the black box that Desolated's logo is in; it's kind of grimy, not a solid cover. it looks dusty and old, and contrasts incredibly well with the bright and pretty scheme of the rest of the cover. Desolated also gets points for not having an unreadable logo, but they get those points immediately reduced for using the generic old-english calligraphy letters that are super overdone nowadays.

it's not perfect though. the mother's hand that cradles the baby is really fucked up and weird which i dont like, looks a bit like a yaoi hand. it seems almost like, furry? like it's an animal's hand? idk if that's what they were going for i wish they committed a bit more to that aesthetic instead of being awkwardly inbetween. the baby's face looks a bit off, the coloring at least. and those leaves/vines in the bottom right look a bit messy - i wish the outlines were just a bit thicker.

overall, great cover! i like it. it doesnt have that ugly, gross aesthetic many metal albums have, and i like that! it's got a very distinct and recognizable style and look to it, and i think that gives this album tons of points. great cover!


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