Beach Bunny - Honeymoon
Feb 15, 2020 (updated Feb 20, 2020)
god i loved this! first of all blah blah blah indie rock, blah blah over-saturated, blah blah blah boring blah i dont care. great female-led indie rock is my crack, i just cant get enough of it. sure there's a fair bit of uninspired and uninteresting indie rock getting released, but that's with all genres, and when some fantastic indie rock like Honeymoon rises up, it's just fucking addicting to me.

the debut album from Beach Bunny, Honeymoon is a tight, 25 minute burst of love in the modern era. each track dives into different ways of experiencing love, the benefits and issues that arise from it, loneliness, feeling like you're not worth it, somewhat standard emo indie topics, but done better and more relatable than most other similar projects. Lili Trifilio, the band leader / singer, has a fantastic grasp on making her songs simple and catchy, but layered with emotional complexity and depth. the opener, Promises, is about missing your ex-lover and wondering if they still think of you in the way you do them.

"When you're all alone in your bedroom, do you ever think of me?"

Cuffing Season deals with loneliness and intimacy, the divide of wanting to have someone, not wanting to be alone, but also being afraid of getting too close with them and that fucking up what you have right now.

"Sometimes I like being on my own
I'm afraid of winding up alone"

loneliness is a big theme on Honeymoon. the struggle of finding love and keeping it, being afraid to fuck it up is a topic on many tracks here. wishing to recreate the memories you once had on April, being in love with someone in a relationship on Ms. California, being unable to keep up with life and love on Racetrack. Lilli can touch on similar subjects in all these songs, but with enough emotional complexity to where it never gets old or overdramatic. while yes, every song here is pretty much about love, its given enough weight and taken in enough angles to where every song feels unique, and no specific message is overbearing.

excellent songwriting is all well and good, but what really makes Honeymoon a fantastic record is the chunky and weighty Indie Rock instrumentation. this isnt a light singer-songwriter affair or a mellow lament like Lush, this is full, upbeat, and powerful. in many ways the instrumentation reminds me a bit of Remo Drive, without the fuzz that makes records like Greatest Hits, well, great. that's not a bad thing for Honeymoon though. the guitars on this album just sound fantastic - they have the right amount of heaviness to give them this real power while keeping them summery and gentle. twinkly when they need to be, but give each song a strong presence. the bass too is fantastic, and the drums are crisp. really, it's everything i could want in great fuckin Indie Rock. a perfect combination. it's almost got a bit of a pop-punk vibe to it, like if PUP were more rock.

every track here has lovesick vibes, beautiful singing, and incredibly catchy riffs. occasionally we'll be given a great guitar solo to bring two verses together, like on Cuffing Season, and they help Honeymoon garner that bit of attitude you can hear in each track. even the softer moments, tracks like Rearview and Racetrack, are engaging and never get dull. Rearview especially, one of my favorite tracks here, when the thick guitars crash in towards the end is just so fulfilling. a few tracks near the end don't have as much staying power and potency, Colorblind being a prime example. the metaphor sung through the track really doesn't express much new and doesnt have that potency as most other tracks, but really it's the only somewhat lackluster track here.

goddamn, i'm super happy i checked this thing out. for an Indie Rock debut in 2020, this is about as great as you could ask for. a perfect summer album, released smack dab in the middle of February. makes me long for the long summer days just so i can bump this through my speakers driving along the coast, teary-eyed. 25 minutes of Indie Rock perfection.

FAVORITE - Promises, Rearview, Cuffing Season, Cloud 9, Dream Boy

FOR FANS OF: Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, Julia Jacklin, Paramore
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