Kazumoto Endo - While You Were Out
Dec 7, 2019

i don't know about you guys, but personally this is just a bit too sporadic and scattered for me to really enjoy it. While You Were Out, in comparison to the past 4 day of noise entries, is much more in line with classic Japanese noise styles popularized by people like Merzbow. it lacks structure, it's not drony or ambient, it's wild, untamable noise that's hitting you from all angles. Endo differs from Merzbow though in his approach to this style - whereas Merzbow makes constant, pure hard-hitting noise most of the time, Endo opts for a more plunderphonics / sample-based style, and his music is far less constantly grating. there are many gaps between the piercing music, moments of silence, letting the sudden jolt of noise explode with more impact. due to this different style, there are a ton of unique and interesting noises you'll never get anywhere else - it sounds familiar, yet broken down, destroyed.

where i have an issue with While You Were Out though is in this style though. it's unique for sure, and that's admirable in such a weird genre, but i feel like a lot of the time it just doesn't work to it's fullest extent. the moments when more recognizable "music" comes in clashes weirdly with the noise in a way i don't fully love. the constant shifting and pausing of the noise can get really disorienting and makes me feel a bit uneasy, in a bad way. while luckily this album never gets ear-piercingly loud, it still gets to be a bit much many times just the sheer sound and scale of it all. that and the structure-less form of the album make it a super uncomfortable listen, and make it very hard for me to critique personally.

overall, this is a unique and creative noise record, and it's definitely an important release in the history of noise as a genre, but it's insanely spontaneous sound makes difficult to enjoy for me personally. it may grow on me after a few more listens, but right now, it's more of an important relic of the past than an enjoyable album to me.

FAVORITE - Fear My Kung-Fu!, Night Falls On Ikebukuro, Last Train To Nishi-Funabashi
LEAST FAVORITE - Itabashi Girl
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Dec 7, 2019
Since I Met You Were Out
Dec 8, 2019
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