Fall Out Boy - M A N I A
Aug 5, 2019 (updated May 9, 2022)

Home of my username.

Okay, before any of y'all attack me, let me speak first.

At around this point in time, I became hooked to the emo scene which included the Emo Trinity (Panic!, MCR, and FOB (my gosh that me made cringe just saying that)) and its music. As soon as I heard that this album was coming out, I was pretty much OBSESSED with this thing and followed up with all of the singles that came out.

When the album came out, I instantly adored the ever living shit out of this. I kept spewing this damn album's name with every chance I got to my friends, I bought the CD and brought it to school, and even got the album name on my Varsity Jacket (I regretted it, but I don't now) with the spacing and all. Keep in mind that I didn't start to critique music seriously at this time until several months later. I was aware that a lot of people didn't like it (in the mainstream, excluding the fans) since the band was becoming more modernised with electronics especially in Young and Menace.

As I come back to this, I took note of the amount of negatives this album got and started the album from the beginning. And honestly, I've come to love this album so much that the bad things about this album don't even bother me in the slightest. The band still keeps it's identifiable rock sound on Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea but with a more grimey electronic sound along with Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) with it's pop vibe, Patrick's vocals shining through in HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T and Church, Heaven's Gate oozing out some of that good 90's slow ballads, Champion, although admitting that the song is pretty lazy, it gives great motivation to it's anthemic production, the Burna Boy feature on Sunshine Riptide is completely confusing (I blame Pete) but I've grown to it really well along with the song's chorus. And Bishops Knife Trick, one of my favorite songs off the album, and where my username comes from. The bridge lyrics really hit me hard back in 2018 and although it's lost it's effect with me, I still appreciate the lines for what it was back then for me.

Favs: ALL

I completely respect this opinion, but the album isn't bad because of the songs themselves (except for young and menace, that one sucked), but the reason is because the songs have absolutely nothing connecting them, as they constantly hop from genre to genre.
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