Kanye West’s New Album Is Not Coming Friday, Source Says – But Kim Kardashian Disagrees?
by Staff to Kanye West
September 25, 2019
omg, a kanye album is delayed, what are the chances?
Weezer Announce New Album Van Weezer, Release “The End of the Game”
by Staff to Weezer
September 11, 2019
Taylor Swift Removes “Spelling Is Fun” Part From “ME!”
by Staff to Taylor Swift
August 23, 2019
taylor, that's no good, you're disqualified from the music industry
Taylor Swift announces new album 'Lover'
by Staff to Taylor Swift
June 14, 2019
with 18 tracks for whatever reason
Imagine Dragons Earn Fourth Top Rock Albums No. 1 With 'Origins'
by Edgeworth to Imagine Dragons
May 7, 2019
"Rock Album"
Listen to CupcakKe’s New “Old Town Road” Remix
by musicmagpie55 to cupcakKe
April 19, 2019
Taylor Swift Launches Mysterious Countdown
by AlexLW_08 to Taylor Swift
April 13, 2019
I hope this is Reputation 2
Carly Rae Jepsen Announces New Album 'Dedicated'
by Staff to Carly Rae Jepsen
April 2, 2019
dedicated to try and make another platinum hit, amirite?
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