- Cracker Island
Forever cult
Forever cult
Forever cult
 - Always Come Back
Damnit, it might sound simple as hell, but Nate does know how to write a really great and catchy FNaF tune without drawing a giant red circle on FNaF. This has to be the best FNaF song he's dropped since anything after the Ultimate Collection.
 - Records
Definitely one of the Weezer songs of all time. 🀘
 - Local God
Slightly better than the dogwater 'honey bee' single. Album is still going to flop.
 - SZNZ: Summer
This should've been the two-year wait I committed for Van Weezer; SZNZ: Summer is the longest the band has been rock-heavy since Maladroit and unpredictably quirky since Hurley.

Favs: Records, Blue Like Jazz, The Opposite Of Me, Thank You and Good Night

 - Buttercup
The amount of times I hear this on Facebook is worrisome
 - Miracle
Fuck you, Fueled by Ramen.
 - Middle Of A Breakup
Holy shit, what happened. Viva Las Vengeance was an okay single and it eventually grew on me, but what the hell is this? A garbage version of The Buggles?

I was not confident from the preview I heard of this, the verse sounded boring as hell and hearing the whole song nnow, this does not give me confidence in the Panic! return I had hoped for the upcoming VLV album. The only exciting and great thing about this song is that 'Hallelujah' drum fill in the intro.

 - minnesota is a place that exists
That's a catchy ass melody
 - Eat Men Eat
 - Glimpse of Us
Holy fuck man, Joji.
 - S.I.M.P
yall cannot be serious, go listen to Yung Kage's OLIVIA instead of this bro. you deserve someone who knows how to vibe to this beat,
 - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
let's get dis shit let's get dis shit top o da mornin, top o da mornin, top o da mornin, top o da mornin
 - Cooped Up
Like b&b but boring. Roddy Rich's rapping here made Young Thug's performance on Goodbyes a masterpiece, who approved this verse.
 - The Foundations of Decay
I can't fucking believe this right now. The first ever band I took in my emo venture back in 2016-17, has actually made a comeback.

This is the stuff that dreams can only make, 2022 is already the best year for music.

 - Playing God
I cannot believe Album 4 is going to be real. And it's going to go so hard with just this first single, amazing flamenco-acoustic riffs.

i'm just a small little gobwin


please don't swing your sword i will die in just one attack ooooooooooohh

I oNly havE 3 hit points pleas e sir i am a little goblin i will not drop good items


your sword is so strong i am level one goblin i donot know why i guard this dungeon OOOOOOHHhh


 - The Heart Part 5
It's alright πŸ‘
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