Björk - Fossora
Dec 18, 2022
Just like many of her other albums, Utopia did very well. Now, usually there’s touring involved when promoting an album. With Björk, she did the Utopia tour, and was yet to do the Cornucopia tour, which would start in 2019 and go into 2020. But then, something happened. The entire world got sick! It would take a long time until the situation would be somewhat resolved, and then Björk was able to finish her tour by the spring of 2022 (this year!) But what was she doing in between? Recording an album, perhaps?

On September 30, 2022, Björk released Fossora. Partly inspired by the death of her mother Hildùr, Björk wanted her music to be like some sort of eulogy to the late mother.. She would have one part be a eulogy, and the other an epitaph for Hildùr. The album was further conceptualized during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which Björk brought her two children in to play music for the album. It was intended to be a “clarinet” album, but if you hear this album front to back, you realize that there’s not a lot of that. She later decided that it was going to be an Iceland album, her home country. She also turned Fossora into a gabber album, an album about mushrooms! Haha, like the ones that you put with your steak, right? Like the ones that you put with your steak, right? Like the ones that you put with your steak-

This project sounds like if The Anchor Song was stretched to a full-length LP, and derived from lots of elements found in Homogenic. You know what? It’s great. Ovule, Sorrowful Soil, Ancestress, Victimhood, Allow, Fungal City, Fossora, and Her Mother’s House are all amazing songs. However, Atopos took me a while to enjoy, because something that you should know is that this album isn’t for everyone. Some stupid TikTok kids probably wouldn’t like it, there’s people that I know on here that didn’t really like it. Hell, even Fantano didn’t like it all too well (He gave it a 5.) But it doesn’t matter to me because I loved it! It’s another great Björk album in my book! What’s the next album? Oh, this was the most recent?

Well, it looks like this is the end of the dive! I really enjoyed Björk’s music, and although I felt discouraged sometimes, I still was able to review without a problem. Actually, my Debut review is probably my best and most favourite I’ve ever written alongside my The Smile review, so thanks for that, Björk! If you wanted suggestion on which albums to listen to first, I highly recommend listening to her first four albums, and then from that point on, listen to whatever you want out of the remaining six albums. Overall, Björk is great and fun to listen to. That’s it! Here are my favourites and least favourite…

Favourite Tracks: Atopos, Ovule, Sorrowful Soil, Ancestress, Victimhood, Allow, Fungal City, Fossora, Her Mother’s House

Least Favourite Track: Trölla-Gabba

…and I will see you in the next review! Goodbye.

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Here’s to many more Björk albums
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