Thaïs Lona - CUBE
Dec 16, 2022
I was talking to @mrmerle two days ago about soul music (specifically Philly soul in which I've been binging for a bit), and I gave him a list of records that I listened to, also the Silk Sonic record just to ease himself into the type of music I was talking about. He said I should check out this record since I liked soul.

Honestly, it's a good for a contemporary R&B record. I haven't really been around contemporary RnB lately because of the shortcomings of it feeling rather stale. But this sounds like it has more up its sleeve.

I hope Thaïs Lona can pull off more stuff in the future.

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Glad you liked it. The album is not the greatest but its charm got me and it's probably the record I've listened to the most in 2022.
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