Obscure Material that I Recommend (+your own additions)

This list was a bunch of recommendations I wanted to send out to the world. Now I made it so that you can do it too. Doesn't have to be vaporwave, it just needs to follow some rules.

#1: Real record that I can look up and find evidence of.

#2: Less than 50 ratings. If I find it and it is 50 or more, it's unqualified

#3: No self-promos.

The list starts with my recommendations, but the moment you hit Palm Mall Mars, then it's the community's recommendations.

*This was my first real public list, and it has been a resounding success. Thank you anybody who has participated.

M E M O R Y メモリー - スピリチュアルアセンション:パート2
Naturewave material. It is calm for the most part and I found it to be nice.
desert sand feels warm at night - 夢の砂漠
A very lengthy record with 8 >20 min songs that is some good ambience.
Buzz Baby Jesus - Dinner At Eight (Parts 1 - 3) 八時半の夕食
Hmm, still haven't written for this.

An album that is associated with, but not vaporwave. I am not sure what I'd call it. But it has fine passages for three 20-min songs.
B O D Y L I N E - ファンタジーモニター
A short album that contain some soothing passages.
desert sand feels warm at night - 常夏
I figure this album is what I would play if I were to describe what the name "desert sand feels warm at night" would sound like.
Robustom - Public Broadcasting Service
Sounds like someone is tampering and breaking your childhood if you were a PBS kid.
S O A R E R - A New Era
A citywave (if that's even a thing) album that contain 4 lengthy bangers.
S T A L K E R - S T A L K E R
I know I don't like it, but I still think it deserve some recognition (especially because I'm the only rating there)
M y s t e r yミステリー & desert sand feels warm at night - 人生は幻想です
3-hr slushwave record that I think it is soothing to listen to in your sleep.
Paradise - World's Midnight
Only one of the two differing ones from the vaporwave scene (the other being from a band that is also called Paradise). Gospel and Britfunk record that is consistent throughout. The title track is one of my top 20 favorite songs of all time.
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza - The Return from the Rainforest Hill
I say this EP is like a shorter, more concise version of Transversal Worldwide Shopping (that record also needs more ratings).
Paradise - Sizzlin´ Hot
The other record not vaporwave. Found this on Bandcamp, but it is some fine disco if you want to hear.
懐かし2002津波 - C O M P U T E R H A Z E
Songs washed-out in reverb and heavily slowed that make you feel like it's 2002.
鬱 [Depressed] - ・薔薇綺麗躊躇網羅就職痙攣蝋燭鷹麟爨齉馕龘爨齉龘・ (Pink Album)
Mallheavy material that contains snippets of songs, but it all sounds like a soundtrack to a mall that is about to be torn down.
Western Digital - Wasted Digital
Classic late night lo-fi. Most of the songs here are amazing, and it remains one of my tp 10 vaporwave releases to date.
No Death / 暗い自然 [Dark Nature] - Signals of Unknown Futures
I know that the "Deathdream" phase is dead, but still a classic to hear.

Anything past this point on the list is new additions to the original list.
Robert Rich & Lustmord - Stalker
A new non-vaporwave project I didn't think initially. A dark ambient soundtrack to a Soviet sci-fi art film.

I know it is on the '95 charts, but still 22 ratings is low.
Abel Project - Seven Eleven Heaven
A very recent late night lo-fi record. Has really good songs throughout.
COSMIC CYCLER - Remember This Night
Late Night Lo-Fi that has a little more funk than ambience in its tank.
VAV-31 - Dream City
VERY long slushwave material. While 人生は幻想です (the 3rd desert sand's album on this list) is the 3 hour tribute to telepath's more ambient material that he was doing in 2015 (think 一緒に別の夜 or 永遠の愛), this album is the 3 hour tribute to the "true" sound of slushwave that was telepath's bread and butter in 2014, (think 現実を超えて or 向かい合って)
desert sand feels warm at night - 水に流す
Meditative vaporwave material. I think it is the first "masterpiece" desert sand feels warm at night has produced. 0:21 and 囚人 are good, I think this album did better.
Western Digital - Lost Signal
A short ep of broken transmission.

It's ok, but it sounds like something I can do on my computer, unlike the "Wasted Digital" record where that has more memorable melodies and a consistent fuzz that made it a highlight in the "broken transmission" genre.
Paradise Of Yesterday - Nightlife
A more chill laid-back synthwave-esque album. The first 4 tracks are my favorite, but everything else is solid.
EtheReal Media™ - Skywaves EP
A nice signalwave EP full of piano balladry and a very limited mix that heightens the nostalgia.
M E M O R Y メモリー - 人生を楽しむ
Feels like a mix between "Wasted Digital" mixing (with the mids and highs being accented) and "Dream City" slushwave sound.
骷 [Skeleton] - Reflections
A classic "classic vapor" masterpiece. Just good samples and a good tracklist all around.
Hallmark '87 - A T R I U M
So I was contemplating whether on not or not to put this on here, but since if fits the rules, I'll allow it.

This record has to be one of my favorite records of al time. The melodies found on here are hypnotic, but the real distinct addition is the reverb. It is over the whole mix and it makes me feel like walking down an empty hotel corridor at night. It's funny if you know the cover.

If "mallheavy" was an unironic term instead of replacing the phrase "reverb-filled mallsoft", then this record is the apex of that idea.
Project Lazarus - П​о​д З​в​е​з​д​о​й
A nice synthwave project all-around.

Check out the Vapor Memory version though.
La Mverte - Alchemy Calls
Some conceptual house/techno project about destructing and constructing one's self.
Gandeia - Vantagem do Camaleão
An experimental short 2 song ep/lp (not sure) that I found because the creator was promoting it in the YouTube's comment section.

Best music that came from comments.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp2P5S-txVI
Suishou No Fune - Prayer for Chibi
Some really long Japanese post rock. Amazing tracks though.
猫 シ Corp. - Palm Mall Mars
These are your additions. We start off with

@rater_ratings. Thanks for adding.

"pretty essential vaporwave and it's not on the list."
Various Artists - A Mother's Love
Thanks @FYFAYAS (100 60's) for the addition.

"...a tacky record that has only been reviewed by me on this site, but man is it an experience, it's dated 2000's production with the trying to tell a cohesive story makes it an entertaining mess to listen to"
Whitewoods - Spaceship Earth
Thanks @mike_drop for the addition.

"probably some of the best vaporwave ive ever listened to. its charismatic, dreamy, nostalgic, basically everything that makes a vaporwave project good!"
Meshell Ndegeocello - Peace Beyond Passion
Thanks @edgard for the addition.

"On the charts and a Grammy nomination, but not really talked about anymore. One of the true first entries of alt rnb."
Good Night & Good Morning - Narrowing Type
@1237's second pick. Thanks for both of them 1237.
Repulsive - Wings
Thanks @xanderjones for the addition.
Surf Cassette - Surf Cassette
Thanks @AndreManfre93 for the addition.
Thanks @coloncancer for the addition.
The Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic
@RichardsH's first choice.
mae - The Everglow
@RichardsH's second pick. Thanks for the recommendations.
samlrc - Sam is offline_
@NoOffenseBut's first pick.
iwamizu - Alone
@NoOffenseBut's second pick.
Clann - Seelie
@NoOffenseBut's third pick. Thanks for the additions.
Akina Nakamori - Stock
The next following picks are all from TJ_King. The next annotation will be me ending it.
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"Quiet Storms" by Hallmark '87

One of my favorite albums ever. We'll see if it gets dethroned as my fav vaporwave album when i eventually listen to "A T R I U M" (which is already here), but right now, i absolutely love it.
How is DotN's yellow album "obscure" it went platinum lol
the long way out by neocentrics is my favorite album of all time also it's hella obscure i had to add it to the site myself
Auf Biegen & Brechen by Weimar

Simple, catchy, and good groove; the most important thing!
I recommend ADVANCE GENERATION by TRiDENT. This is the most touching Japanese album I've ever heard. Not a sad song, but it makes me cry though I don't know why.
Transmitter by Ilevens, this album is super fucking nutty and I don't understand how they pull it off.
I wish AOTY had a "save" option for lists n shit, because this is great
I've come because I heard Prayer for Chibi and founded this.
If you don't have Butterfly Case by Cuushe consider adding it. It's one of the best dream pop albums I've heard.
Who Do You Call When Police Murder... by A World Wondered Full
1. The Grifters - Eureka (https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/117593-the-grifters-eureka.php)
///Pretty good lo-fi indie rock that is aesthetically pleasing to the ear.

2. Double Helix - Soundproof (https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/121763-double-helix-soundproof.php)
///Incredibly obscure hip-hop record that has a couple of gems
It is still active. Anyone can still swing by and recommend a record.
Hey idk if this list is still going or if the record I wanna recommend will hit 50 ratings by the time you see this, but Kino's black album is a good pick here :)
hi, i recommend L'Uovo di Colombo by L'Uovo di Colombo, old school italian prog rock, it's great imo
This is such a cool idea!
I'll pick two LPs:
1) Slowly Slowly - Race Car Blues Chapter 2 (https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/404980-slowly-slowly-race-car-blues-chapter-2.php) - I'm the only one who rated it last year!!! This band is popular in Australia. Their first albums are amazing. Their most recent album is ok, but not as special as their first four...
2) Sweet Pill - Where the Heart Is (https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/492098-sweet-pill-where-the-heart-is.php). An impressive debut album, released earlier this year.
hey I have a couple :D

synfuels - Elusin
2mg - nosgov
DPRK Jamz 2018-2020 - yabujin
self restraint - gods wisdom
God Is Under the Porch Where the Dog Died - slug Christ
No problem @arsheeza. This kind of response was something I was looking for when I made the list :)
This is something that I want to listen more of the obscure albums and for that, I want to thank you for making this list mate :)
It is not that obscure but it has less than 50 ratings on this site: Lync - These Are Not Fall Colours
Oh and I forgot to add it's not on streaming services but it's on soundcloud under the producer's name Steez83
Cool list! I'd recommend Art Brut by PRO8L3M, really great polish hip hop/synthpop fusion
Thanks for the addition
i recommend solid space's album "space museum" :)
I recommend 'Advisory Committee" by Mirah! It's a really good indie pop / singer-songwriter record. But of the two who produced it, one of them Mirah. You won't believe who the other one was ...
I adore this list, one of the best lists in this site.
'The Machine Bleeds' by MT VERNON RETREAT

It ain't a shameless plug if a friend does it ;)
great list!! I want to hear something from here someday
Yo, I have a good obscure pick!


It's a short but tasty collection of eerie, distorted post punk à la Joy Division with delightfully crispy instrumentals and esoteric synths. Their other stuff is delicious as well, so I highly recommend to go listen to them.

...Maybe even give them a rating.
not sure if this fully classifies as super obscure but "maaäet" by Tenhi is a great dark folk album that seems to be a bit overlooked on this site. Also, re.sort by sora, ambient glitch project that's quite beautiful.
'Life In The So-Called Space Age' by God Lives Underwater i am the only ratings on the album
I recommend Teenage Poetry by Heaven's Emperor. It's a fantastic plunderphonics/noise album that's almost made me cry multiple times. Their Bandcamp was deleted, but you can still find it on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeDZeVBoLPc
Deep Puddle Dynamics - The Taste of Rain...Why Kneel? "One of my all time favourite hip hop albums. All 4 emcee’s provide there own unique style and character. Songs have these incredible abstract, philosophical and introspective lyrics, almost every line has a deeper meaning to interpret. And this sort of philosophical approach to the lyrics is helped by the immaculate production. Songs almost feel water like, perfectly captures the tone the lyrics, and let's the emcee's shine."
Thank you!
and if u want a brief discription, they are basically hypertrap / trap projects mixed with hyperpop influence and I love them
I recommend bby goyard - the secret lies with charlotte 1 and 2
if ur looking for some heavy deconstructed club in the vein of arca and sophie: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/42045-rabit-communion.php
a few projects that i haven't seen many people talk about on here are poe cete - no love in modesto, miso extra - great taste, av dummy - pornoviolence and hollow sinatra - rapture
ayo heyo it's me and I'd like to recommend "Prelude To..." by Barbara & Ernie. Very lush and beautiful soul record, and I'm the only one on this site to even log it! https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/531664-barbara-ernie-prelude-to.php
ok here it goes, just keep in mind that i don't think of any of these as 10s or essentials but they're good stuff.
"きらめく思い出" by Afterdeath Television
"Junk" by Carpet Dust
"solace in sound." by kozo.
"sketches 1-8; fujirise" by Jagger Finn (you can find it on youtube. the artist himself keeps deleting his eps and tracks, sometimes just a few days after uploading them, it's sad.)
"究極のイマージョン" by Male Alchemy (one of the best barber beats projects out there)
"Split" by OSCOB & 「サンセット Network❾❶」
"魂コントローラ" by Soul コントローラ Enterprises™
"Deer Heart" by Tilman Robinson
"TV For 2" by ホテル shampoo
and finally "Hurricane Bar" by Mando Diao (biggest name on this list probably lol. still solid and great fun to this day imo. might be nostalgia bias tho.)
Hi, yeah I'll stick with the vaporwave theme and go with the newest 식료품groceries album!
I recommend Your Perception by Zack Wiese :)
hello koxtil! thank you for asking me for a suggestion :)
my pick would be caldera - caldera (1976), it's a jazz-funk-something-prog-post-fusion LP that sounds oddly ahead of its time, but still very groovy and beautiful

i also really like your pfp, very atmospheric
Creative list idea! I recommend 1 - The NYChillharmonic. The album has interesting instrumentation and it's sort of prog rock if it was played by a big jazz band. They are definitely niche and a bit obscure lol

I would pick Ling Tosite Sigure's just A moment :)
Helen Burns by Flea(bassist of RHCP)
Some experimental jazz up here, definitely worth checking
Kid Architect's final album Traveler is a brilliant combination of piano rock, progressive rock, space rock, and art rock. The playing is super tight and impressive, the vocals are powerful and epic, and the songs are super good too. One of my favorite albums that nobody knows about.

Not sure if all 3 of my recommendations meet the given parameters, but here they are:

1. Samlrc - Sam is offline_ (https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/515106-samlrc-sam-is-offline-.php)
2. Iwamizu - Alone (https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/437183-iwamizu-alone.php)
3. Clann - Seelie (https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/228594-clann-seelie.php)

Feel free to check out my reviews for these records if you want to find out more about them or if you need some convincing to listen to them.
I would recommend "Surf Cassette" by the band with the same, a pretty good example of Italian surf rock! :)
Wings by Repulsive
Indian Summer's self titled EP and Narrowing Type by Good Night & Good Morning!
Check out "Peace Beyond Passion" by Meshell Ndegeocello. It was on the charts at some point and even received a Grammy nomination but believe me no one talks about it... idk why. I think it's amazing and it's one of the true first alt-rnb albums
Whitewood's "Spaceship Earth" is probably some of the best vaporwave ive ever listened to. its charismatic, dreamy, nostalgic, basically everything that makes a vaporwave project good!
A mother's love by Kandi Burruss is a tacky record that has only been reviewed by me on this site, but man is it an experience, it's dated 2000's production with the trying to tell a cohesive story makes it an entertaining mess to listen to
Wow a popular this week congrats!
Dang, I didn't expect a response that quick. But thanks for the motivation.
impeccable taste. i'll check the ones i haven't heard.
abt your reviews and ratings, i think many ppl dismiss vaporwave (and vapor-adjacent stuff) in general because they consider it a dead meme or trend. don't be disheartened, do what you like.
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