░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░ [New Deluxe Life] - SPEED DIALER !
Announcement at the end.
There's a petition out there for "Liberated from the World 2" on Change.org that got 8 supporters... and actually got what they wanted. That might be the most fulfilling sight I've ever seen on Change.org.

But never mind that, we got a 19-minute sequel to one of, if not, the most controversial vaporwave releases ever made. Made by Robin Burnett, aka Wakesleep, aka Internet Club, ... read more

Jim Jones & Ron Browz - Pop Champagne
This song consists of two Diplomats performing over a beat alongside the "Ether" producer. If this concoction was made in the early 2000s, when the Diplomats were at their peak relevance and Nas was in the "Stillmatic" days, then a track with those elements could have been a well-received track of the times.

But this is a track made in 2009. This was made in the ringtone rap days, where Lil Wayne circa. Tha Carter III and T-Pain were a blue star of the times, and this song ... read more

Dodie Stevens - No
Lee J. Pockriss and Paul Vance wrote this song with Vance handling the music while Pockriss was handling the lyrics. It's sad that no one in the studio had the foresight of giving the lyrics of "Don't you know? That a girl means "yes, when she says "no.'" for a then 14-year-old Dodie Stevens to sing. Even if you wanted to play the "life expectancy" game, then that's a 16-year-old person singing those lyrics.

Edit: Forgot to mention that both men were in their 30s ... read more

DDG - Maybe It's Me...
"It's Not Me, It's You" and "Maybe It's Me..."

The only material that I can name from DDG. Worst part is they're not even songs.

I kind of feel bad that I can't genuinely name 5 songs from him all that well. I've known his career ever since 2016/2017, but the only songs I can name (without using the album in front of me) are: "Givenchy", "Moonwalking in Calabasas (Remix)", "The Race (Remix)"...and I guess that's it. The only other thing I ... read more

Beta Erko - I'm OK, You're OK
Beta Erko is a hip hop quartet hailing from Syndey, Australia, but three out of those four members are in fields that aren't mostly associated with rap in a general sense. Two of them (Anthony Pateras and Robin Fox, who both have worked together in the past before this album) are electroacoustic artists and for most of their long careers. The other member, whose isn't normally in rap, Martin Ng, is an EAI artist for most of his discography. The only actual rap affiliate on this album is MC Vulk ... read more
トリニティー無限大 [Trinity Infinity] - 二二二七
So, if I were to talk about this album, I guess I should the build to this release.

If we were only look at 2013 and his three solo records and collaborated release with Silver Richards, his albums never had a song that go over the 10-minute mark at all. You can look, there isn't one track that gets to that length. Hell, there are no songs that were close to 9 minutes. But to be fair, t e l e p a t h was pretty much solidifying a genre himself and he was solely growing a culmination of ideas ... read more

Forgiato Blow - Boycott Target
Hey, did you know that the "free breakfast" program was considered "indoctrination" at one point in time? It's true. The FBI considered this program of feeding and providing a stable breakfast program to poor black kids "a front for indoctrinating children with Panther propaganda." J. Edgar Hoover, independent Republican and former director of the FBI, had written a memo going to 25 FBI offices in '69. In the memo, he claims that the success of this novel program ... read more
Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape
I didn't expect to enjoy an Uzi tape that was longer than any "Disintegration Loops" entry by over 10 minutes, but here we are.

I heard this through YouTube, and at some point while listening, that "fun fact" above me was something to look up to see if that was true (the idea that this was longer than DIP 1, 2, 3 or 4) and seeing that it passed, the length became more acute and worrying. I was hoping Uzi wouldn't make this album boring at some point and they can keep up the ... read more

6ix9ine - Leyenda Viva
So, I listened to this new 6ix9ine record and it's...not all that bad?
I don't care nor like 6ix9ine all that much. He doesn't have many good skills when it comes to writing, he doesn't really have the best ear for beats, and regardless, his personality and music tropes are ones that I don't really fall in line with most of the time.

I only checked this out because of the buzz this album got... or not ... read more

猫 シ Corp. - Good Morning America
The more I think about it, the more I think "this has to be my favorite CSC album."

Cat System Corp. is seen as one of the legends of the vaporwave scene ever since at least 2013. I think why the vaporwave community really likes him is because he provides great album and support for a lot of vaporwave subgenres. He tends to stick with the broader term for "ambient vaporwave" and will work heavily in those subgenres, and a good chunk of the times. he will produce some of the ... read more

DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues
"The House Nation likes to pretend clubs are an oasis from suffering, but suffering is in here with us."
-Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles

Earlier in this account, I made a review about the comedy special/album "Rape Victims are Horny Too" (and I think it's one of my best reviews I've done, even if it's sort of a non-review, check it out.) While I don't think it is that funny, I had to explain that why it wasn't meant for me. Reading a review from a writer on Paste.com (and ... read more

I don't know why he need to call the fireman to put out fires.

He can do the job himself.

T E L E P A T H テレパシー能力者 - と共に
After leaving his "Scintillon!" pseudonym from the early 2010s, Luke Laurila would come out a year later as the new name, "t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者", and in 2+ years following this change, he would become a vaporwave legend with his prime Era bringing some of the most acclaimed vaporwave albums out there.

But it's 2013 and here's the debut album under this name. And it's pretty bad for the most part.

The first issue is the slushwave. Yeah, it did have some ... read more

Rita Ora - Praising You
When comparing this to how bad sampling was for the mainstream back in 2022 (eg. I'm Good (Blue), DOUBLE D'Z, Staying Alive), this isn't the worst thing out there. I won't say it's a great use of the Fatboy Slim classic. But it could have been much worse.
Mindspring Memories - The Binary Ocean
2017 was a rather empty year of slushwave. If you look on RYM’s chart of top slushwave releases that year (in every format, genre and influence), there are 20 releases in that chart. The ratings and popularity is very minimal in that year, I’m surprised that it would get picked up again. Just think of that year as the midpoint of the slushwave era. It’s one year after 2016, the last large bulk of t e l e p a t h releases coming out, but it’s also one year before 2018, ... read more
Saint Pepsi - Better
Damn, can't believe that this song (or this single at least) is about to be 10 years old in 2 days. Can't believe it. Also, nice release date.

I mean this song is just the epitome of great future funk. Great sample chopping of The Whispers' song, great beat driving the song, and it just never loses energy throughout. If you want to check out future funk, this is an amazing song to start with.

Hantasi - A Dream
Hantasi is an experimental electronic artist, most known for Vacant Places, which is to be seen as the birthplace of the mallsoft subgenre. Honestly, going back to that record, I like it less than the other mallsoft records I've heard. Mainly due to it feeling more "haunting" while other mallsoft records sound more "depressing" in my opinion. So, while I do respect it for being the birthplace of the subgenre and I do like how it's prints are left around mallsoft in general, ... read more
Digital Voyager - Abstract Spaces デラックス
This is a very late review. In March, the user @mrmerle had a challenge where I am unsure if it's still happening, and I am very late. But basically: he gives me a word, I find an album with that word in it. I mainly had two options that would be considered a choice that would feel reasonable:

-An album titled "Abstract" that was free-jazz and mostly paralleled to Ornette Coleman. I forgot who the artist was, though.
-"Abstract Art" by K.A.A.N., a rapper who I don't ... read more

仮想夢プラザ [Virtual Dream Plaza] - 沉魚落雁閉月羞花
I don't know why, but I swear this was already posted on the site. But maybe I am wrong.

(Edit 7/23/23: No, I was right. It is on here twice. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/519876--.php is the original post, but it's under the Chinese version of this moniker. But since that moniker isn't tied with this one, it's why it felt like it wasn't added. But back to the review.)

But regardless, this is probably the final Virtual Dream Plaza release. I said before (in my prior review) that the ... read more

天火见 - Adorned in Pure White, Beneath the Veil of Countenance, True Light Illuminates the Soul, Divine Love Nurtures the Spirit
Edit: (91 -> 79) This thing is best for an unconscious listen. But listening to this multiple times with full consciousness listening to it, it does fall because of the length. Doesn't have that outstanding quality that albums like "Another Night Together", "Beyond Reality", and/or "Interstellar Intercourse" has. I still think it's worth one listen.

I have said before that t e l e p a t h's ... read more

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