Lady Gaga - Chromatica
May 29, 2020
Lady Gaga - Monotica(2014)
I've listened three times just to be sure of, that my most blendest listen has happened this year with Lady Gaga's new project, Chromatica.
Before I started to appreciate more experimental music, I listened to radio pretty much everyday. Radio is the worst platform to find fresh and new music nowadays, because everything is so blend, and same sounding, that it just feels like a constant loop for the ear. Everything is washed out, no innovative ideas, no messages, no groundbreakings. Just the music, what you can put in everywhere, and It would'nt sound out of place, because they wrote the song that way.
Lady Gaga's Chromatica contains some personality, and mental issues, but it just don't change the fact, that it just a radio album. All that 16 song is made for the radio.
Almost all that 16 song is alike. This is so manufactured, that I can't bare it. And we're not even done with my problems, so I continue.

Gaga sometimes use these wierd monotone, google translator like vocals, which sounds horrible, and even worse. Cringe. The only place where this was bareable is on the track '911', cause it's atleast that was on purpose, and they had ideas with it like making little vocalisations with monotone vocals, which sounds wierd on paper but, you know what I'm talking about if you heard it.
Now, most of my problem can be written out as "This sounds blend", and I don't want to waste anyone's time just writing about all song for the same reason. So I'm now turning for the positive, and highlights.

The song "Plastic Doll" is another, "fame is bad" type of song, co-produced by Mr. Skr-"Bangarang"-illex. I think this is great. (just because I thought it was funny I'd like to mention, the 3 starting chords sounds like they'll jump into playing the song "Welcome to the Black Parade"). This was the first point(the 9th song btw) where I genuinely felt that a song had good elements. The lyrics are good, the chorus is catchy, and impressing, the beat is hyperactive and it's not blend as the others songs. All and all, good track.
Then there's is my favorite song of the record, 'Replay'. In a nutshell, this is Gaga, making a Living Tombstone song. Obviously the beat is a fucking banger. The instrumental is busy, like it's always having an automation on, with an EQ. Probably the best Electro-Pop beat I've heard all year, and Gaga totally fits on this one. The lyric is dark, but the beat is so good that my body can't refuse to dance, so this song is like having a bi-polar breakdown. Loved it.
'Sine from Above' is song, from what I read everyone's enjoying. It was kinda meh from me, until the heavy, drum ending. That ending is structured so nicely. aH, great.
The symphonic tracks titled 'Chromatica I-III' were also chilling moments on the record. These are not fully structured songs, just some nice instrumentals/interludes, and these were pretty nice, so I though I would mention it.
And finally the closing track 'Babylon'. I don't know why I like this. But I like this. It's just catchy. That's enough for me to like it. Ba-Ba-Babylon. That's gossip.
This is 3 and a half song(+interludes). From 16. Every other was forgetable as the others.
Not enough to make me love a full album.

No, I do not hate Lady Gaga. I don't know what her personality is like. I just listen to music, and I like to give my opinion on what I like, and don't like. From the cover art, I thought this would be twice as futuristic as Charli XCX's 'Charli' project, but instead, It was just a step back in time, and she did a tasteless electro pop record.
To give an assumption, how it feels to listen to this, I'm providing a video:

Fav. Tracks: Replay, Babylon, Plastic Doll, Chromotica I-III
Least Fav. Tracks.: *counting*
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May 29, 2020
Oi mate, howdy there
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