- Solar Power
The most disappointing album of the year. This album supposed to make fun of "wellness" culture but it turns out hypocritical. This album is dull.
 - Nobody Is Listening
It's okay. Nothing new or groundbreaking about this album. Zayn's music at this point is more on setting the vibe and not actually on story telling.
 - Icarus Falls
There are handful of good songs in this album but it's too bloated. If I listen to this album, I will handpick tracks and not waste my time listening to the whole thing.
 - Mind of Mine
This album is the vibe that keep me sane when I was in college. The album itself is good but the personal connection I have with this record is the reason why it's 80.
 - 30
Her best album to date. It's different from her first three album and that is good. Her ballads are still her strength but I am glad that she experimented a little with the production. It's not love at first listen but it has the potential to be up there.
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