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Adele - 30
Nov 22
alt-J - U&ME
Sep 24

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LaCroixBoix -
People will hop on this hype train because Adele put out an album six years after 25, an album that showed that Adele could create an honorable trilogy of singer/songwriter albums. 30 does not continue this streak.

I did not get anything out of Easy on Me. I thought it was a snooze, which can be said about half of this tracklist. Just because Adele has a powerhouse of a voice and can flex her vocal abilities with ease, doesn't make the lyrics and instrumentals any less boring. There should be ... read more
LaCroixBoix -
I never really gave Red the attention it deserved back when it first came out. I knew the singles like everyone else but I only ever knew maybe two or three of the deep cuts. Turns out the deep cuts blow the singles out of the water.

Taylor’s Version of Red is just what this Fall required. It’s got the perfect blend of melancholy as well as the perfect blend of post-breakup optimism and reflection. Listening to songs like All Too Well and Nothing New reminded me of how great Taylor ... read more
LaCroixBoix -
This was phenomenal. Beach House has a more nostalgic sound that tugs on the heartstrings on this first EP. These were all MASSIVE hits. I’m very excited to see in the coming months if this sound will be consistent throughout the record. This is more than enough to keep me satisfied for now.
LaCroixBoix -
If you’re a fan of this song in any way I IMPLORE you to avoid this. Don’t touch this untouchable banger
LaCroixBoix -
This one is gonna divide a lot of fans.

Aminé has slowly became one of my favorite modern hip-hop artists. I thought Limbo last year was phenomenal and a complete transformation from GOODFORYOU. His eccentric personality shines on every project, as well as the string production. I can’t help but make Pharrell and early Chance the Rapper comparisons with the sound.

What separates this from being the best or even the second best project from Aminé though is the amount of ... read more


Aug 31, 2021
hey! i hate to do the whole "self-promo in shoutboxes" thing but i would like to recommend you an album ive made several months ago, its basically an extremely cursed plunderphonics/instrumental hip hop album thats just slightly over 30 minutes, and its by far my favorite piece of art ive ever made :) i would appreciate if it u gave it a listen and maybe rated it! :))))
Jun 19, 2021
Ok, I’d say the new UV-TV, Teenage Wrist - Live At Kingsize and the latest Wolf Alice album would be my favourite summer albums right now :)
Jun 18, 2021
What type of summer album are you looking for? What else is on the list?
Jun 11, 2021
for sure 1989!
Jun 11, 2021
Definitely Room On Fire by The Strokes, I do have a feeling however that the new Lorde will become my new fav but yeah :3
May 11, 2021
love the profile pic haha
Mar 6, 2021
I heard great things about this one! I definitely added it to my list of albums to check out!
Mar 2, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Feb 9, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Jan 1, 2021
dean pelton the peanut


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30-39 - Not Good
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