Pulp - Different Class
Jan 6, 2021
Life is like orange juice... better WITH Pulp.

My dad put Disco 2000 on my iPod Nano back in the day and I just was kind of dismissive of it. Probably played Stacy's Mom for the hundredth time instead. Needless to say Pulp kind of disappeared from my mind until last summer when I was listening to this curated indie playlist that had Do You Remember the First Time? I was blown away by this lost hit. The roaring guitars and the college rock era vocals of Jarvis Cocker blew me away, not to mention the overall theme of the song itself. This is on a whole separate album though. DIFFERENT CLASS *cracks knuckles*

This album is perfect. I very rarely come to that conclusion, let alone with a band that I've barely had a lot of time with. Different Class is just everything I could've asked for in an alt-rock album. Different Class thematically is timeless. It discusses sexuality and love in a way that is as straightforward as it is honest. I adored the storytelling from beginning to end as they were very well written and still cleverly delivered. I especially loved Common People. This song would be a smash if it came out today, TikTok would abuse it, indie nerds would cream themselves, the world would rotate on a straighter axis... Not to be dramatic, but this song is perfect. The talk of there being class differences in between Cocker and the girl in question. She wants to be like "common people" but will never understand because of her wealthy background and dependence on her family's money. Mix that with a catchy chorus and you've got yourself a hit, a perfect hit.

I love the honesty from songs like Pencil Skirt and Underwear. Not just because they are named after articles of clothing because clothes are a respectable item of interest, but because of how sexually fueled it is and how funny they are too. The moment I heard Pencil Skirt's chorus I told myself I don't think I am supposed to take this seriously. Cocker has such a personality to him and that especially shines through on songs like those.

F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E is a fantastic ballad that truthfully would've made for an amazing closer if the tracklist were rearranged. I didn't expect that breakdown at the end and truthfully made for a nice surprise, not that the song needed saving but it definitely enhanced it.

Disco 2000 was the hit that had every right to be huge in the states. It has such a personality and relatable story that I'm shocked it didn't resonate with people here as it did in the U.K.

His 'n' Hers is a phenomenal album and has every right to be called a classic, but Different Class has something else. It's consistently interesting, thematically resonant, and pure as they come. I love this album. Maybe my favorite of the 90s next to Automatic for the People.
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