What the hell, man? Quadeca goes back to back with a concept album that blew my mind and melted my heart into a set of EPs that would turn into a full length mixtape. He’s the type of artist where if someone asked “what do they sound like” I would not be able to answer. He’s so all over the place and genre fluid that comes off so effortlessly (as he says on the project as well). He’s on a hot streak that more people need to be on board with. Quad is the truth.
MGMT - Loss of Life
Every MGMT album has had to grow on me after another listen or two, but this is a great follow up to Little Dark Age! It’s like a mesh of that album and Congratulations. This definitely is more on the psychedelic side of their sound, which is absolutely welcome. Nothing Changes is song of the year so far.
Allie X - Girl With No Face
I’ve always liked Allie X. Her production is crystal clear and I’m just a sucker for good art pop. This is really the perfect example of a good artist turning into a great one. The 80’s essence feels like a natural asset and not a forced way to get people invested. Every track just manages to throw something you would only find once or twice on a pop artists album. There’s risks, there’s confidence, there’s vulnerability, it’s spicy. It’s really ... read more
Jerry - lovemesooner
I hope this project gets its flowers in due time. This is really a special album.
Dua Lipa - Training Season
I really liked it more and more every listen throughout the day. Thank god for GMT before I form a CST opinion.
Vampire Weekend - Capricorn / Gen-X Cops
This is a return to form in every sense of its definition. They improved and modernized in every way I wanted. Can’t wait for this album.
Pearl Jam - Dark Matter
Pretty solid. Wasn’t expecting the teeth from them to sound like this. Album should be just as interesting
Goth Babe - Lola
Goth Babe finally put out a full length project. How is it? It’s solid. He’s definitely a singles artist in my eyes but nothing that he puts out is like remotely unlikable. It’s hard to hate on a guy that is just having a great time making feel good tunes.
Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well
Not sure if I’m 100% on board with how the vocals sound, but nevertheless it’s so much better than anything from Star Crossed and the lyrics are incredible. Kacey is back
The Last Dinner Party - Prelude to Ecstasy
This is so theatrical, pretty, well organized, and… I could go on. The Last Dinner Party are one of the best new acts to pop out the indie scene and I’d be far from upset if they stayed around for a while.
Paramore - Burning Down the House
There was no doubt in my mind they’d kill this after dropping albums like After Laughter and This is Why.
Justice - One Night/All Night | Generator
Cage the Elephant - Neon Pill
This is a very Cage the Elephant-y Cage the Elephant song. I feel about the same as this one as I did Ready to Let Go, it’s a safe song to call the lead single. Still have high hopes for the album as it’s been 5 long years since Social Cues!
Bleachers - Tiny Moves
Finally a good single for this album
This is the album that Kali was destined to make. Every aspect of her previous albums feels like it has culminated into this beautiful project. While Isolation feels untouchable and still my favorite, ORQUÍDEAS is a high contender and a VERY strong effort following last year’s great project too.
Kid Cudi - INSANO
There are maybe two or three songs that have a personality. Otherwise this feels soulless and shallow.
Drake - For All The Dogs
He stole from the Pet Shop Boys…
underscores - Wallsocket
100 Gecs if they had a LinkedIn profile
The best they have sounded in many years
Olivia Rodrigo - vampire
This is an exceedingly better lead single than Driver’s License. Vampire is just has a way cooler, sophisticated production that gave me goosebumps even the first time I heard. Her vocals are on point even when the lyrics are not so much.
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On Cage the Elephant - Neon Pill
"@Drakesux It’s 5. 2019 was 5 years ago. Social Cues came out in April. Pretty sure we’ll get next album around then."
On Mitski - Laurel Hell
"@doofly It makes sense to compare in some cases but at the end of the day we should just enjoy their art individually"
On BGL13's review of Cage the Elephant - Social Cues
"Social Cues and Broken Boy are easily some of CTE's best tracks. Underrated album too. Solid review"
On Tame Impala - Currents
"It's the kind of artwork you'd wanna display like that. Good choice"

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