Anoice - The Hidden Forest
Beautiful. Some magical compositions.

Superb recording. Very peaceful.

Favorite track: heartbeat

The Discussion - Deathtripper B​/​W A Forest
"Deathtripper" reminds me of A Flock of Seagulls.

Bonus track: "A Forest" is a cover of The Cure.

Seven Hour Days - The Oppressor
Queuing-up another fresh shoegaze track for My Bloody Valentine (MBV) and Slowdive fans.

Enjoy (or not).

Animal Ghosts - Wake
This band should be a must-listen for any fan of My Bloody Valentine (MBV).

Absolute mind-bending guitar swirls. Headphones suggested.

Favorite track: Drift

Sounds Like Winter - Fight The Stairs
A true rare find: A modern band playing new music in the style of classic goth death rock.

Imagine Fred Schneider (The B-52s) singing for Bauhaus. Yeah, it's that retro cool!

At times, this band sounds a bit like Peter Murphy's solo work, Christian Death, and The Cure.

Enjoy (or not).

Dahliad - Human Form Replicator
Sounds like if Tangerine Dream worked with Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) on keyboards, to create an ambient track for Bladerunner.

Dark, and interestingly fun.

Los Males Del Mundo - Descent Towards Death
Not your average black metal. Some incredible vocal range on this album! Decent musicianship and production too.

In fact, the intro wail for "The Silent Agony" will haunt your nightmares, which are echoed in subsequent tracks.

The small amounts of sampling, riffs, and melodic elements resurrect components of yore that are missing in most of today's black metal.

A good listen for any fans of black metal.

HOO - We Shall Never Speak
Because it's Neil Halstead (of Slowdive fame), playing with 16-year old Charlie Holton. HOO? Exactly!

Neil still has the ability to drive emotional and thought-provoking shoegaze. This time, with some more experimental psych-space rock elements.

While some tracks may seem thrown together from older work, a few gems really stand-out and are worthy of repeat listen.

Favorite track: Still Dream

Holy Monitor - Southern Lights
These guys seem to understand classic rock, and can actually play!

Great use of 70s instruments (eg, organ, guitars, pedals, etc.), they have a good ear for creating memorable swirling tracks, and (being Greek) the English vocals are quite good. In fact, the vocalist reminds me a bit of Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon at times.

If you miss late 70s / early 80s rock, and enjoy modern psychedelic bands (eg, Temples, Tame Impala, etc.), then give this album a serious listen. Headphones [or ... read more

Jarguna - Animas​-​k
A surprisingly well-produced 'name-your-price' ambient/electronic release from Jarguna (via Projekt Records).

The sound quality on this album is superb! Great depth and attention to detail. The rythmic percussion, field recordings, and atmospheric soundscapes are very tribal at times.

Reminds me of late 80s Steve Roach, and early 90s Robert Rich -- both masters of this genre.

Favorite track: Agartha

Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg
A definite 'Must Hear Album'.

This album reminds me of a super-cool, post-punk Chrissie Hynde -- just chillin', smoking a cigarette, and talking about all the shit going on. Truly poetic.

Art rock at its finest. In fact, it could almost be labelled as a spoken-word album.

Favorite track: Strong Feelings

Lord Huron - Long Lost
A really nice album. Thoroughly enjoying it.

Has a sound similar to Roy Orbison. Very nostalgic of western-influenced country -- like when cowboy TV shows and Howdy Doody + Buffalo Bob were still in re-runs, and the Grand Ole Opry radio show was still heavily listened to.

Given this back-drop, 'Long Lost' (and its album cover) is an appropriately titled album. Well done.

Favorite track: Mine Forever

Hollie Kenniff - The Quiet Drift
Dream. Dream big.

Float. Through the sky. Through the sea.

It is vast, endless, and beautiful.

Nobody can really see you.

Mary Latimore - Silver Ladders
Produced by Neil Halstead (of "Slowdive" fame), should be enough for some to give this album a serious listen.

Beautifully relaxing. Like chilling in God's summer cottage, waiting for nothing; because in that moment, it's just perfect.

ARC - Umbra
Everyone needs some Moog analog modular synths in their life!

This is a beautiful live Berlin School performance from Mark Shreeve and Ian Boddy.

Recorded during the 2013 E-Live concert series at Theater de Enck in Oirschot, The Netherlands.

Fans of mid-late 70's Tangerine Dream should find some comfort here.

Favorite track: Arcadia

John Hiatt With The Jerry Douglas Band - Leftover Feelings
Got some BBQ ribs? Beer? Baked beans and cornbread?

Then you are ready ... for some sweet luscious sounds of Nashville blues.

With vocals similar to Burl Ives and Randy Newman, let uncle John Hiatt and The Jerry Douglas Band serve-up your backyard soundtrack this summer.

The production quality of this album is superbly Nashville, but not all tracks are gemstones. Still, hard to believe there's no drums.

Favorite track: Long Black Electric Cadillac

Presents For Sally - Look Skyward And Take It On
One of the better [calming] shoegaze albums I've listened to over the past couple of years.

A nice production featuring interesting guitar riffs, clear vocals, and some memorable songs.

Fans of Slowdive (and MBV) should take a listen.

Favorite tracks: Say Something, ...Moved Away

Deadbolt - Tijuana Hit Squad
Grab some whisky. Some cigs. A sidearm. Kick back. Have some laughs. Introduce yourself to "voodoobilly".

Unbeknownst to Quentin Tarantino, this band is his spirit animal. Dubbed "The scariest band in the world", but probably one of the coolest.

Favorite track: Last Time I Saw Cole

Deadbolt - Hobo Babylon
In a fighting spirit? Looking for some revenge? Hate clowns? Hobos?

Love wresting? Trains? Look no further... Your musical prayers have been answered! Hallelujah!

With tracks like "One Day I Will Kill You" and "Bitch Tried To Kill Me", how can anything go wrong?

Favorite track: Drunk Guy On The Train

Deadbolt - Voodoo Trucker
Miss CB radios? Clint Eastwood orangutan films? How about Smokey and The Bandit (based on a Coors beer run)? Anything trucker related? Well, dagnabbit... it's your lucky day!

Kick your boots off, and enjoy tonight's convoy into hayhem, as "The Mocker" goes against "Voodoo Trucker" in this thrill-ride of an album.

Favorite track: Truck Driving SOB

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